Kickoff written by jaycee04

THE TOWƎЯ (part 5)

Every small town hides a secret...

“Sure” Luke answered almost immediately, intent on seeing Ryan’s rare DMC De Lorean collectible.

“Well, come on then.” Ryan insisted, as he leaned Luke’s “hover-board” against the interior wall of his house.

Luke took two steps up to the wooden door and stepped inside, clutching onto his candy bag. Ryan put his hand firmly on Luke’s shoulder. Suddenly the pit of Luke’s stomach lurched.

The walls were blotchy eggshell with lifeless transparent curtains at the windows. The furniture looked antique with marks on the sides. Standing in front of it, a mundane coffee table placed in the middle on top of a decaying rug, it’s once intricate, colorful patterns faded overtime. A dim glow illuminated the room, its source, a corner floor lamp. The inside hit Luke with an unfamiliar coldness, emptiness and isolation stretching to every corner. Ryan’s hand, which was now placed on Luke’s shoulder felt wrong in every way possible. Most alarming…There was no rare DMC De Lorean collectible sitting
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beside Ryan’s TV or anywhere in that living room.

Luke stopped, his feet grinding against the scuffed wooden floor.

“Whats the matter?” Ryan asked.

Luke looked into Ryan’s face, whose eyes rolled in their sockets and when he spoke, his voice sounded cracked and hollow. “I-I don’t think I want-”

Ryan’s pale blue eyes flickered. Once filled with interest and memories, they now radiated with malevolent energy as they leered at Luke. His mouth twisted into a grimace and his cheeks twitched.

“Christopher” Luke stuttered in a small voice, “Christopher!” He screamed through stutters, but his voice gained base. Luke’s empty candy bag slipped through his sweaty hand and to the floor will a small “crunch”. He tried to pull back but Ryan covered Luke’s mouth with one hand and the other gripped onto his shoulder attempting to pull him deeper into his house. “Help!” Luke muffled.
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The wooden steps leading up to the door suddenly began to creak, as Christopher appeared at the door that stood slightly ajar. His phone clasped in his hand.

Frozen in place, processing what he was witnessing, Christoper’s voice stopped working. Once Ryan’s eyes met Christopher’s, his hands on Luke’s shoulder and mouth immediately released. Christopher gasped, “What are you doing?” and attempted to mask the shakiness in his voice.
Ryan’s expression went from shock to anger, then to confusion. He blurting out raucously,
“What?” Hastily, Luke clasped on to his
candy bag and stumbled toward Christopher and out the door on to the creaky front steps and didn’t look back.
Rage and dismay coursed through Christopher’s body like a tidal wave crashing on to shore. He thought of a list of things he would have liked to bellow in the man’s face, leave a hole where it would have once been, or at least fractured those square glasses of his. If only he had a split second to say something to the
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man’s face before Luke’s “hover-board” was thrown out the door and down the steps before the door violently slammed with a forceful thud.
Christopher staggered on the front steps comprehending what his eyes had just witnessed. Mind still trying to catch up, he stepped toward the closed door, and banged his fist against it as he angrily sputtered, “I’ll be reporting you.” Luke grabbed his “hoverboard” which lay on the stairs, and Christopher grabbed his hand before the two stepped off of the porch and in to the fissured driveway. Lips tightly pressed and teeth grinding, Christopher guided Luke down the driveway and on to the next street, making sure Luke was close...

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