Follow up

Kickoff written by electrad / Follow-up written by Ashpoint

Why Me?

A night to remember.

There was a knock. And then another.

I snapped a look to the door. For a long moment, I remained quiet, spoon in mid-air, when I put it back into the soup and stood.

It had been a week since, so I should have been over this by now.

Still, before opening the door, I grabbed a knife and hide it behind my back. "Who are- are you?"

There was a pause.

"I'm Faya, your friend!"

My shoulders dropped. "Okay, uh, come on in." After opening the front door, I gave a small smile and stepped aside.

To this, Faya raised a brow, then proceeded into her apartment. "You know, it's been a while... and we've all kinda missed you."

I set the knife on the end table, shut and locked the door, then inched around. "I guess I've been a bit busy."

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it's 5 pm and you look like you just got out of bed. I don't believe you. Try better."


"Nevaeh, I've been trying to reach you for a whole week. We all have!"

I nodded at the table with a half-eaten bowl of soap and cup of water. "See? I've been up a while, thank you, but, really, I just have other things to do, I suppose..."

Faya went quiet as she searched me. "Nevaeh?"


Then, all-too-sudden, she came forward and looked my face over. With a sigh, she stepped back. "You never told us. Why?"

"Why what?" Nevaeh pressed.

"Those are bruises and I think you've had them a while. What happened?"

"This is just useless, Faya." I rubbed a hand from my face, then leaned against the door. "But... but I'll try."
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