Follow up

Kickoff written by StitchAStory / Follow-up written by Batsayan

The Snowman

Trapped in a cabin, a man realizes he's not alone.

The howling of wind knocks restlessly at his window and the streak of light leaking under the door glows with unfamiliar strength, almost as if the beam were directly placed in front of the door rather than being a ceiling light. Jonathan first though it must be the guys but considering the outrage of the weather and unusual time at midnight he doubted his friends could even survive being out for more than a minute. As a matter of fact, he had closely shut all the inlets to the house and no person could possibly enter without breaking in which would have already alerted him but still an unsettling apprehension about this whole situation forced Jonathan out of his bed. His feet landed on the wooden floor feeling as if the floor itself had clutched
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his feet with chilly force rendering his feet to be immobile. Jonathan took a deep breathe, his eyes circulating around the dark and occasionally imagining figures among the indistinguishable belongings of the room. He hesitated at first but reluctantly braced himself for whatever he would face outside the room however his pace only equaled to that of a snail and with every step he took, a trifle yet significant amount of bravery would be lost within the space. The wind again shook the windows and a pale almost ghostly presence appears at the window. He sharply looks towards the window and the figure vanishes abruptly. His heart thumps loudly in panic and in spite of the freezing temperature his body blazes with fear at what he sees.
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