Kickoff written by StitchAStory

The Snowman

Trapped in a cabin, a man realizes he's not alone.

Jonathan kicks off his boots, fluffs of white snow colliding with the wall of the cabin foyer. This is his fourth night trying to make it out of this cabin to his car. The snow storm has been ruthless, hail falling on any poor soul that dared to travel. At this point, Jonathan wondered why he even bothered to try today.

He tosses logs in the fireplace and starts a fire, begging for warmth to fill the room. He knew this trip was a bad idea, but his best friends, Lenny and Roy, told him it would be the perfect guys' trip. They could even go ice fishing. Yet, neither of them are here, only Jonathan.

Jonathan checks the perimeters of the two-story cabin and closes all of the doors. He used to leave them open, but for the past two nights, a strange and shivering creaking would wake him. At first he thought he was just being a scaredy cat, a regular calling from Roy. Jonathan’s mind was always filled with worries and unnecessary fears. Closing the doors would bring him peace of mind.

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showers and dresses for bed, pulling back the soft plaid comforter. Hopefully tonight he’ll get some sleep, then tomorrow is another day of hacking his way to the car. As his eye lids begin to close, there it is again. The creaking. Jonathan sits up in bed and stares at the door. He’s the only one in the cabin, so it’s his responsibility to check it out. He waits longer as the creaking becomes louder. Maybe if he waits long enough, it will stop. Then he sees it. A switch is flipped up and a light illuminates the hallway.
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