Kickoff written by velvet_tears

your wings will eventually come

small story about a boy who thinks he is worthless

Are you going to tell me why you look so dull? asked alice. See this piece of paper, its crumbled up and people have torn it and it has become so small, now this piece of paper is worthless, i am like this piece of paper, i am so tired of waiting for good things to happen when they never do. voiced ray with unbearable pain in his voice. alice quietly took the paper from his hand and started folding the paper left and right. ray looked at alice with a sudden curiosity that topped his depressed mind set for a second. Alice was done folding the paper left and right, up and down, god knows what she did with that tiny piece of paper, she struggled in folding some parts of the paper as it was fragile and crumbled. Once she was done, the result was a paper bird.She gave it to ray and said, that small crumbled up paper that u said was worthless has now become a beautiful bird.Even that worthless piece of paper has gained its wings to fly.If you really are like the paper, than you will
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eventually get your wings to fly, notice how much time i took and how careful i was in making this as it was fragile? Well you are like that,you will eventually get your wings to fly, but god knows the process is what will decide if your wings are going to be beautiful or not. so trust god and trust the process you are definitely not worthless. your wings will eventually come.. Ray looked at alice with a sudden smile and said eventually it shall come.

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