Kickoff written by ItsaSandCastle

In This Moment

Two lovers look upon the past after a breakup

The sun hung low in the sky over the Kingdom of Sakai, the last rays of light reflecting off of the castle’s high towers. Princess Evelyn sat in the throne room entertaining foreign guests and local nobles and knights loyal to her parents kingdom, the kingdom she would one day inherit. The beautiful young princess was holding her own amongst the nobles and foreigners, strong willed and stone faced apart from her charming smile. One would think she had no worries in the world not even the ongoing war which had been raging for over a year after heavy tensions with the neighboring kingdom finally reached a climax, below her in the castles armories a legion of knights was preparing to embark on a journey to yet another battle but this one was different, where once they were fighting battles in their homeland of Sakai now they would set out on a journey to the island kingdom of Mictlan. Many in the legion saw this as the beginning of the end to the war, some a death sentence, to other’s it
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was just another journey they would be able to weather. One knight stood out amongst the rest, sharpening his blade in a dark corner of the armory, there was nothing notable about this knight save for the maroon crown painted on the left bicep of his armor and the shine of moister gathering on his visor. The knight had survived several battles and returned to his beloved since he joined the legion, her love and spirit drove him forward everyday, throughout every battle and throughout the nights, though they had been apart for nearly a year the knight knew that every time he returned to Sakai he would find his beloved waiting for him, that is until his legion was ordered to Mictlan. The night they received orders his betrothed had cast him away, the distance would be too great and the time spent apart too long without so much as a second glance she had cast him aside and broken the spirit of this once faithful warrior. In this moment Dom is lost in the past, memories of his lost love fill
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his mind.

It started simple enough, Dom was a young knight while he was lacked much experience in battle he was a proficient duelist, often besting even those amongst the kings guard in the training yard. As a result he would sometimes train members of the royal court and the castle staff. The first time he saw her she was flanked by two of her peers, all clad in the fine studded armor while the initiates and castle staff wore simple padded leather, he was both mesmerized by her beauty and disgusted by her contempt for others. “You three, split up, I want everyone to pair with someone of a different class. If you wish to learn swordsmanship under me then you will do so as equals.” “Actually I’d li-” “On the battlefield there is no class system there are only survivors and the dead, you’d do well to remember that Princess.” He hadn’t meant to address her so abruptly but her outburst had lit a spark in him.
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