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Kickoff written by Sorin_Sunchild / Follow-up written by Strategos101


Something isn't right with his friend...

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"Are you scared yet?" Theo asked. "Well, you shouldn't be. I would never hurt a friend. And you're my friend right?"

"Well yes, of course I am," Simon blurted out as drops of perspiration trickled down his face. He had once heard about a lady who had managed to escape from a killer, a victory they called it, but never did he think that her situations was going to be his. Never. But yet, here he was all alone in a place that know one he loved knew about. "And I always will be Theo."

"And that's good to hear," Theo said, staring deep into Simon's eyes, never blinking. He then add, "because I didn't want to kill you anyway. In fact, it's important that you stay alive although truth be known if I was forced to find another then I could.
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Besides that, I have something that I want to show you. Something that you're just not going to believe."

Simon sighed deeply.

"Okay. But not now. I need to get home. My mom and dad won't be happy if I'm late."

Theo pocketed the knife.

"Oh? So you fear your parents huh? How interesting. Alright, I can understand that. So then, tomorrow after school it is. I assume I have your word on this."

"And you do. I promise. Now, can you show me the way out? I don't know where I'm at."

"As I kind of figured. And yeah, I can, but again Simon, as a friendly reminder, don't forget your vow because I sure won't and you can count on that. Now, follow me and stay close. It's just that, you never know what evil might be lurking around in the dark."
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