Kickoff written by surajit1982

Wizards of Shipivista

A fantasy novel of a clandestine wizard race

Abenon was nervous!
The succeeding minutes will put him face to face with his biggest fear - his maiden performance in front of an audience of five thousand fans filling up the grandest theatre of the city.
The theatre walls were decorated with his effigy. Banners were flying all around the place with Abenon’s image in a glittery hat and suit. Crowd had gathered outside for a final chance of obtaining a ticket. It was a Sunday evening houseful!
Abenon could feel his heart beating fast as he stood behind the curtains pacing incoherently for the moment to unfold.
His parents and little sister were sitting in the first row of the audience. Their extreme excitement was brimming with the crowd chanting Abenon’s name.
Abenon tried to revise his acts one last time before the show started.
He paused, looking around the stage. It had been decorated as per his dream; on his producer’s instructions.
His mind was fleeting - fear was giving rise to uncertainties. Tonight, desperately needed to be
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a success. He needed the money - but family needed it more. He started pacing again.
Birthday of a fourteen-year-old generally flashes the images of cakes, songs and celebration. Familiar faces of friends and relatives joining in the revelry. For Abenon, tonight was his birthday celebration and gift.
Abenon heart was shivering with anticipation. What if he fails! What happens if the crowd feels let down by his performance or his parents are humiliated because of him? May be this performance will shatter the glimpse of happiness he had seen in his father’s eyes; the world will know he is not as good as they perceive him to be.
Everything seemed an illusion now.
There were all uncertainties.
The random thoughts sent shivers down his spine. He felt his running away-from everything!
Hands and toes had started feeling numb. The glittery hat, the overtly shining costumes and shoes started feeling heavy-an impossible burden for his young shoulder to bear. His innocent face was stressed.
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sister’s smiling face flashed in front of his eyes, warming his heart, giving him courage. He had plans of buying things for her with the money he will make from the act.
This momentary fear needed to be subdued for her sake. He desperately needed more inspiration to combat his fears.
Abenon could hear the drum rolling beyond the curtains. The cheer of the audience was audible. His introduction was being given. He stopped pacing, faced the curtain-getting ready for the moment.
He tried to focus on the revision of his acts. But his mind was wavering.
He was a social media sensation for his amazing magic videos. The overnight fame had the magician fraternity, critics, investigative journalists and their likes, insecure. They had demanded a public show, to scrutinize him than to celebrate his talents. Abenon knew that.
Innovative and inexplicable magic which he performed had the promise of Abenon being the greatest magician of known human history, everyone thought. That was not acceptable
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by many.
Specially the privileged classes of the famous, the successful, the rich and the talented -they always feel that the world belonged to them. Their winner’s arrogance mocks the weak.
Afterall he was a novice fourteen-year-old from humble background with no proper training. A boy who had spent his life struggling to survive than to pursue the finer arts of magic.
The fraternity cannot accept his talents with open arms. Their survival was in question -they needed to put him down, eliminate the competition, in case any, even before it blossoms- beyond the curtains, sitting in the comfort of the theatre, they were tormented by these thoughts.
Eagerly waiting, they were, equipped with their weapons of harsh criticism and analytical judgement. Tonight, will be the end of this young budding magician. Just the curtains needed to rise. Their cartel was ready to reduce him to dust. Abenon feared them.
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