Kickoff written by too.mych

love in first dream PT.1

a girl going through hell come out on top

I look up in the stars and I imagine Derick looking at me with his emerald green eyes shining in the moonlight. Nothing between us just space. It’s almost like time is moving so slow because this perfect moment me and him are in. he’s just so mesmerizing to the eyes and i can’t get him out of my head or out of sight. “Hey am i always in your head?.” Derick tells me almost seductively.
Then its like magic i wake up back in my room. In the best part to say the least and that had to be some bull because i go to sleep just to get some action. So i guess i just haven’t grown into my body or my face. The reason why i say that is for the automatic reason i got deemed as being “un-sexable” for a nice way for placing that word. Highschoolers are so cruel. And I’ve had plenty of ex-lovers so im not totally, you know. “Dad have you seen my phone, it’s not on the nightstand where i left it,” i say stumbling out of my bed.
“Sorry sweetie i don’t know but im taking extra shifts at the office you
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should ask autumn or chase” my dad says in a rush.
My dad has just become so busy since mom left, sometimes i sit and wonder what if she stayed how would life be like would be better together? Or should dad not be so sad and throwing himself into work? Would i have a better bond with my siblings? Or would i start to love life again? But the last one doesn’t really matter i guess. I mostly daydream about the what-ifs and i slowly start to get my hopes up and like rain, everything starts to pour just like my almost shitty life but im doing great. “I know you took it, now give it back or im telling dad!!” my sister autumn screams to my brother.
“ your crazy i didn’t take anything and if you tell dad i swear i will fucking end you,” chase says so calm its scary. I guess being twins well him and autumn being the twins it’s like have a hurricane in the house. But you have to love them through there tough moments. “ hey, you two whats the problem and dont tell dad anything hes goiing through
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a lot already so im the oldest so if anything is happing just tell me,” i say with a little bass in my voice trying to sound intimidating.
“He went in my room snd stole money and i bet you can tell why he would steal any money form me”

“ are you doing drugs chase,” i say so disappointed because ever since our mom left he got into doing that stuff and i can't help but to be sad and hurt because he used to be so nice and respectable and now, i do think he's ever sober. He says so hurt to the fact that i asked something like that “No i didn't take her money, and im not on drugs listen just because i did them when i told you i would stop i keep my promises and that what i did so stop looking at me like a druggie” he looks hurt ....
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