Kickoff written by TejasviVash


This book is all about planes.

In 1997 a plane called “Mystery” was a plane that nobody knew about. The plane flew from an airport that was not known. The police station got a piece of news that the money from all the banks was gotten stolen all around the world. Then the police thought about the plane when they researched that what was inside that plane, they found out that the plane had the money that had been stolen every week. The police called a meeting and said “We will attack the plane by doing bomb blast and destroying them,” they planned. The plan was that the plane fly’s at 5:32 am and arrive at 3:55 pm so they thought to send 10 jet planes so that 5 follow the plane and attack the destination, 2 follows and steal all the money, 3 to destroy the plane. They sent the jet planes after 3 hours. The mission started but first, they sent 2 jet planes to take the money. Then they reached the sky at 6:00 am and then took the money out from the plane by anyone's doubt. They finished the 1st part of the mission at
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8:00 am. Then they sent 3 and 5 jet planes at the same time. The 5 jet planes followed the plane till 3:55 pm and destroyed the destination till 3:59 pm. It was the end of the plane.
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