Kickoff written by Maggie360


Everything you know is ERASED

You wake up to the sounds of your heart beat-well not exactly, a machine beeping in time to your heart beat. You look around and see your hospital room everything is white but a single painting on the wall. You decided that you would just study the picture if you got bored later. You were about to focus on the picture when a nurse walked in seeing that you're up. She smiled an apologetic smile somehow you could tell through the mask. “Hi James” she said with a voice sounding like she was crying or was about to. Your mind races as you look around desperately trying to find someone named James but no that was your name, your own forgotten name. She desperately tried to calm you repeating the words “it's okay,It’s okay” but even though you were calmer your mind was racing trying to remember what happened. Well you were trying to remember the nurse answered that question like she read your mind “You were in a car accident a bad one…”her voice trailed off for a few seconds as she blinked back
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tears,”unfortunately your grandpa and grandma didn’t make it.” You were confused. She just told you what happened shouldn’t you remember? Desperately you asked a simple question “what about my parents” She paused for a while then answered “they got shot when you were 6.” Ok now you were confused. Questions flooded your already overwhelmed mind. Who would you live with? Where would you go? Will you have to move? Do I have an aunt? What about my other grandparents? Did they die too? One thing was for sure you had questions but you might not have answers. The nurse told you that you would be released tomorrow and go move in with your adoptive parents that live in New york, New york. So at least you wouldn’t be the laughing stalk of everyone at your school because you lost your memories. You wanted your memories back! Oh right now you would give anything to remember! You rested your head on the pillow and listened to the voices down the hall.”the poor boy in room 101 just woke up.” “Cory,
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isn’t he the one that lost his memories?” “Yes, I feel bad for him. He lost everyone and can’t remember a thing!”said cory. you stopped listening even though you were sure it was about you, you decided that it wasn’t your business so you try to sleep without listening. When you wake up your room seems lonely even sunshine doesn’t make it less lonely then you remember today you go to your new home the nurse already took of the IV and set some clothes from your adoptive parents, a brush and a stuffed animal. You head inside the bathroom to change and comb your hair. After you’re done you stair at your own reflection for a while wondering who you were before. Were you nice or mean? You wonder about your friends or if you even had any. All you know is that your name is James, you're in a hospital room 101, and you have dark brown hair and green eyes.The nurse leads you through the door and points to your adoptive parents. The lady has stick straight blonde hair and the man has brown hair.
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They look familiar you try to remember who they are but you can’t place it. You smile and say thanks to both the nurse and your new parents might as well try to be nice to your new family. You start walking to the car it's an expensive one you can tell a… Tesla yeah that's it.Your new dad unlocked the door and you hop inside.When you arrive at the house mom gives you a tour then you politely ask to go to the park 2 blocks away. She hesitates then says yes. As soon as you go away from your home you feel...uneasy. Thoughts raced through your mind you couldn't focus,so much that you ran into a girl in front of you she has dark brown hair with a bit of curls tied up in a ponytail. You quickly spun around "i'm so sorry!" you said over and over again helping her up. you studied her face carefully green eyes freckles the looks..familiar she smiles "hi i'm Maya" she said suddenly you stop "sis?" you don't know how but those just came from your mouth. "James?"
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