Kickoff written by Scarlet Erkman

A Ship for Those Thrown Away

A siren joins a crew of forsaken pirates

Another meal was sailing my way. I sang my enticing melody, hypnotizing them into the rocky depths where I roam.
However no sailors hurtled down the sea. Perhaps I am too far away? I swim up closer to the side of the wooden ship.
Instead of a dazed sailor, ropes toppled over me as if I was an ordinary salmon. They reeled me up, the rope scraping against my scales.

My body is flung onto the dock, the captain stands before me as several women of all ages surround her. No wonder my singing was powerless, sirens had the ability of only luring men sailors.
The captain was, least to say, gorgeous . Her black wavy hair cascaded down her back. I cross my arms over myself, bashful in front of these women. Not all were attractive or even decent, but they were humane.
I was atrocious in my dilapidated wedding dress, moldy and green from the sea. My magenta scaly skin was alien to their fleshy, creamy tones. Envy swirled in my stomach, hating how humiliated I felt.

I bare my jagged teeth.
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The children scamper away while the adults backed down. The captain stretches her arms before stomping on my skull. “You’ve been thrown away too, haven’t you?” The captain asks. “Yes…” I croak.

All sirens were born from people who died at sea with negative sentiments. My husband pushed me off the deck during our ceremony.
“Then come with us…The women you see here are all the abandoned, the abused, the ones who weren’t good enough and the ones who had enough.” She holds out her hand.

I survey the life-wary crew.
“I’ll become a part of your crew, captain.” I shake her hand.
For the first time in history a human lured a siren onto a ship
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