Kickoff written by samanthaisabbel

how it all happened

school shooting

I didn’t mean to kill them...

2 days before,
As my tears went down my face, I felt the burn of where my father hit me. I wish I had a better father. My mother passed when I was 8 and ever since my father always made sure I was the perfect daughter. But without a mother & only dad it was tough because I was an only child. I had very few friends but my best & well only friend Blake was bullied. We had similar lives as if we were sisters. But the difference between us was that Blake always got bullied for almost all her life but we always had each other.

That afternoon I went to Blake’s house. I went up to her room & when I walked in it was cold. I felt the breeze of the air on my skin. The room was dark. I had trouble seeing but then I heard someone crying. It was Blake she was in the corner. I turned on the lamp & on one side of her face I saw a bruise near her eye. I felt bad for asking what happened but I was concerned so I asked. She said the kids at school did it to her, after a few
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minutes she stopped crying & washed her tears away. It's almost like she snapped out of it. Then she just asked me if she could count on me. Of course I said yes then she started talking about a plan to get revenge for all the kids who treated her like she was nothing. The next day she got all the things we were going to need for the revenge plan as she called it. The plan was going to take place tomorrow at school & that’s where it will all go down.

I waited for her outside the school but not too close to it. She handed me a gun & other tools. I asked why we would need these if we were just gonna scare them. She told me so it would be believable so I went along with it when we were entering the school and we put the tool in our bag so no one would be able to see. & as we kept walking in passing by people Blake was actually killing them. I was so shocked I had no words. She told me to go through other hallways,we had to split up.

A part of me wanted to back out of Blake’s plan. But if
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I were to she might even kill me too with everyone else. As the thought came into my mind I remembered when I was a little girl my mother always told me I acted buff but on the inside but she always knew I had a big heart. I know what she would’ve wanted me to do...
The killers were getting closer and we are running out of time.We were all in one class room and I could even feel the hot breathing of other students,it was quiet when we heard the loud footsteps squeaking through the hallway,and as it got louder the students got quieter hoping that the killers don’t find them.When they opened the door,I saw a girl.One person shouted “CALLIE” she whispered to us to stay quiet to get us out of the school but she needed a volunteer. The guy next to me volunteered. I knew him. I spoke to him very few times. His name was Mike.
You can hear everyone I’m leading out the building relieved as we walk down the hallway. When the students are about to exit the building they start hearing cop cars outside
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the school. I manage to get the rest of the students out the building into safety thanks to Mike. As everyone headed out I went back. I needed to go back for Blake & everyone else but when I arrived she had shot them. I told her to surrender with me, that we did enough. But then she asked me about everyone else...where did they go? I simply didn’t know what to respond to because if I were to say the truth I would have ruined her plan & I would be dead. I take a look around all I see are bodies on the floor, I was part of their deaths. I didn’t mean to get them killed, I could’ve stopped this & all of them would be alive. I may have saved some lives but in my heart I know it isn’t enough. Now it’s time to pay the price.
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