Kickoff written by MF

A brown hatted monkey

Girl meets a monkey wearing hardhat in the woods

I always liked to walking alone in the woods. It helped me connect with the nature. As always after the hectic day I went to the walk in the evening. The smell of the wet grass, the whistling of wind as it chased the leaves was enough to refresh any soul. As I covered nearly half way of my track I felt like someone or something was chasing me. I looked back but it was nothing. Probably the after affect of the horror movie from last night. Thinking I should not watch these movies.. "Hey miss you... Yea you.. You dropped your snack behind.." What? I looked back with a shock. No one was there. Walking a few steps back. I saw the snack lying on the track. Near the snack was a small monkey staring at me with sparkly eyes. I rubbed my eyes once and then again. Couldn't believe what I saw. Is this monkey wearing a hardhat? Have I finally gone insane. Something I was anticipating for years. How can a monkey wear a hat. All of a sudden a burst of laugh came out. I kept
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till my stomach hurt and the eyes started to shed drops of tear. "Are you done?" Came the voice from somewhere and at the same time the monkey's lips moved. What? A scream came of out my mouth. Who?
"Are you blind? Am I invisible to you?" The monkey waved at me. "Helloooo"
I scremed frantically and then started running. After running for nearly ten minutes I stopped.. What is wrong with me? I pinched myself thinking it was a dream. It has to be. Ouch! Pinched too hard." Ok so not a dream. Calm down calm down.." My heart was pounding and so was the head. What is wrong. The legs were trembling so bad. "I should sit down and think logically. There must be a logical explanation to all this. This is not possible. It's not happening. Come on Jane. It must be hallucination." But it felt so real. The monkey was there and it was wearing that brown hat and talking?. "May be somebody is playing a prank on you. And you are such a looser to run away. Go back. Teach them a lesson. Pick up
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the bits and pieces of dignity left. Give them piece of your mind."
"Yes I can do it. Ofcourse I can. How dare they. "
So I stood up. Brushed off the dust from the clothes. And gently started walking back with head held high but still trembling in the heart. "I really hope that I dont encounter the monkey again."
After coming back to the same spot I saw that the snack was not there. Just the wrapper and a piece of paper both of them below a stone on the track. I picked up the paper.Something was written on it. "If you stop eating such a sugary snack you might not need to walk so long" "Ooo That prankster. I sqeuzeed the paper. Granted that the writing was beautiful and artistic. But how can they."
"Hey show yourself you coward" I screamed with a mixed feeling of shame and anger. "I hope you feel proud of yourself. Which part of this is funny to you."
"You run funny" All of a sudden the monkey appeared again. I took two steps back. "Show yourself you coward" I scremed looking all around.
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"Can't you see me? O what a pity. How much more you want me to show myself?" The monkey pointed to its face.
"O so they want to play. Then I will play" I thought to myself. There must be a camera close by. Ok then..

"Hello Mr. Hardhat. Can I call you that"
"Sure. I am okay with that." The monkey pretended to answer.
"Is this place familiar to you? Do you live here?"
"I am a monkey. Ofcourse I dont own a banglow".
O so they want to continue with the prank. They are persistant.
"Nice hat by the way. Must keep you safe from the fall. Where did you get it from." I asked
"It's with me for as long as I can remember. Although I can't remember much" Came a strange reply
There was a pause. Although it was getting late and dark I didn't want to go. But I had to..
"Okay then Mr Hardhat, It's getting late. Time for me to go. Maybe we'll meet tomarrow?" I said.
"That depends on which snack you bring tomarrow. " The monkey folded its hands
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