Kickoff written by lee~kun

They/Them How gross

Aries(They/Them) must go through many life changes

They/Them? How Gross...
They stood up to get a good look at their surroundings. They were stunned to see they were in an unknown room. Aries had to blink a few times to realize they were in Olivia’s room. They blushed realizing they had only been wearing a long shirt with some underwear. They looked over at the bed to see a sleeping Olivia. They didn’t want to know what they had done. Olivia Seemed to have been reading their mind. “We just watched a movie and fell asleep. You decided to sleep in your underwear because you got hot.”. Aries breathed a sigh of relief. They were only 15 and didn’t want their relationship to go that fast. Olivia got up revealing she had only been wearing a training bra and some short shorts. Aries immediately turned red and turned away. “WTF are you wearing Liv?”. Olivia looked down her own body and laughed “I got hot too” She winked. Aries turned fifty shades of red and held her face in her hands. She felt warm hands wrap around her body. She held the arms
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with her own smiling. “Did I make you blush”. Aries looked up at their girlfriend and said “So what if I am”. She looked at Olivia’s teal walls. Olivia tugged on their clothes and pulled them onto her bed. Olivia held Aries in her arms for a good twenty minutes. Aries wouldn’t admit it but she liked it. It was halted when Olivia’s mom walked in the room. “Hey honey aries mom will be here in a few hours to get them. Do you two …” She trailed off when she saw the two now blushing on Olivia’s bed half naked. “Ok..Um.. Breakfast is ready come down when you want to” She walked out shutting the door. She hollers from the hallway “My baby has a baby!” Olivia yells back “Yeah thanks for knocking MOM!” The two quickly get up and straighten themselves up. Though neither of them were. Aries put on a pair of Olivia’s shorts and some pride socks they had gotten in June. Olivia threw on an old “Toga Is My Waifu” shirt and walked down stairs with Aries. They both sat down at the table hoping Olivia’s
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mother wouldn’t bring it up. “So since when has my baby slept half naked with her “Best Friend”. She held up her hands and did quotations around “Best Friend”. Olivia sat there silent. They both did. Her mom just smirked at aries until aries couldn’t handle the silence anymore. “Only a few years”. Her mom jumped up with wide eyes. Olivia stares at Aries with a slight sense of anger but also relief. Olivia had been wanting to tell her mm for a while. Aries knew that, and took the opportunity. “YEARS!”. Olivia went on to explain how they had been dating for a few years. They were both in tenth grade, and started dating in seventh. It started out as a simple thing but they really grew to love each other a lot. Aries often will sleep over at Olivia’s because they know Olivia’s room has a lock, and Aries’s parents would actually kill them if they knew aries was in a relationship. Olivia’s mother took it really well. She was so happy that Olivia found someone. Even though they had been dating
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for a while only in the past year had they started to sleep in the same bed, and become comfortable enough to sleep in underwear with each other. September was the month they met in so they thought it was appropriate to allow their first kiss to be then. Their first kiss was when Aries had officially came out to olivia. Olivia obviously initiated it. Aries would often find themselves fantasizing about their girlfriend. It was stupid how gorgeous Olivia was. She was very curvy and had such beautiful pink hair. Her eyes were such a beautiful green. And her legs went on for days. Aries was snapped out of their lovestruck daze when Olivia squeezed their hand. Aries knew this meant Olivia was touch starved.Olivia is extremely clingy and needs constant attention. They had a certain way of communicating seeing they had to hide their relationship for so long. And a hand squeeze meant they needed to get back to Olivia’s room.
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