Kickoff written by cheyenne_havens_BraverWithFire

The Stolen End-Chapter One

“You will experience the impossible.”

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Chapter One
Looking back at the past two years, I now see just how broken I’ve been. With Rosa being gone, there isn’t much I want to do anymore.
I have friends, I have a boyfriend, but it doesn’t seem real anymore. It’s like I’m acting, playing my role, repeating my lines.
My half-sister, Rosa was my best friend since the day she was born. When I was a year old I don’t remember much, but I do remember feeling alone all the time. When Rosa was born, there are pictures of how beautiful and fragile she was. From that day on I held myself responsible to protect her from anything that would hurt her.
But at the beginning of Rosa’s freshman year, she went missing and a search party was sent out for her, three days later I was walking, thinking about where she could be and I found her dead, washed up on a bank by the Opal Lake on the outside of town.
Ever since that day, I have valued my life like I might be taking my last breath. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to find Rosa’s
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So here I sit on my drunk father’s couch trying to finish a Biology reading while listening to Rosa’s mom, Nancy, sing at the top of her lungs when she is probably drunk, while she cooks dinner. I shut my textbook and glare at the blank screen of the tv, watching Nancy’s reflection as she drops food on the floor. All my life dad has been an alcoholic, not abusive, but definitely ignorant. Nancy, on the other hand, she started drinking to relax when she got bills that came in every week about her owing loans and credit debt to a bunch of companies all over the state when she was trying to keep up with the needs of our home and the bills since dad decided to stop working once Nancy finished college and became an accountant. Nancy has been “mom” most of my life. My real mom left after I was only six months and since then it was just me and dad. Then Nancy, and finally, Rosa.
Now, it feels like it’s just me, and only me. Nancy and dad have been avoiding any mention of Rosa as if she
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never existed. What’s worse is they didn’t even try to find out who killed Rosa. Nancy and I were the ones who noticed Rosa went missing and then once she was found dead, Nancy treated her existence as such.
I stuff my book in my backpack and grab one of the straps, hauling it over my shoulder to head upstairs, ignoring Nancy as she calls my name.

I turn on my phone as I sit down on the edge of my desk chair, I look out the window, which faces the front of the street. I watch as my dad just sits on the tailgate of his truck, drinking a really nasty, cheap beer. I sigh as I watch a group of teens from my school walk past the driveway, staring at my dad. Good thing I’m in my room. I check my email and messages. And because I’m bored, I look through my pictures on my phone, dating all the way back to seventh grade. I come across a picture, it’s from about three years ago.
I just finished my Freshman year and Rosa completed the eighth grade. Rosa’s dark brown eyes sparkle even in the photo,
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her curly brown hair up in a high ponytail. I’m laughing as Rosa smiles, our narrow faces and color of hair are the only physical features we share. My brown eye and grey eye stand out amongst my baby blue sundress Rosa bought for my birthday two days before the picture was taken. Rosa is a good four inches taller than me in the photo. I look closer at the background, we were standing by the Opal Lake. Memories flood my mind.
Her lips blue.
Her body was swollen and bruised.
Her body covered with bite marks from some kind of animal.
She is stripped of all clothing.
Her hair knotted and her eyes staring into nothing.
My heart sinks and my breaths become uneven. Rosa’s face in the picture becomes blurry and tears run down my cheeks. I choke on my sobs as I hold my head in my hands, the phone falls onto my lap. My phone rings. I look through my hands, Ed. I ignore it. He can wait.
I hear our doorbell go off Nancy call my name. Great.
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