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Kickoff written by DorothyBlue / Follow-up written by vichitrabanda


Too scared to stop


It is a miracle that my bipedality is in optimal condition, despite my clumsy history of running. The soft, rotting earth squelching beneath my feet attempts catch me. Tries to linger. To grasp. To capture.

I look behind and hear palerider coming closer. The echo of their heels disturbing stagnant air in the room.
A light flickers on and I look down.
Broken blood vessels and scrambled brain matter. My toes digging into the crevices of the wrinkled flesh pale-riding every inch of the room, and I am transported to an alternate reality.

Have you ever seen a dead brain? One served on a platter of sorts. I have seen a couple. the first time was in the biology lab, with formaldehyde and rubber residue permeating the air. The
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second, in my grandmother’s crowded kitchen. I think it was summer. because I remember thinking the kitchen was cool despite the 10 bodies squeezed into this small room. My uncles and aunts were all huddled next to the gas stove. My younger cousins tugging on the kurtas of their fathers and mothers, whining for a taste. I approached closer to this scrumptious feast, only to be faced with a small aluminum bent plate, which contained three pieces of mangled brain, all coated in a fragrant, honey brown gravy, which increasingly nestled itself in the wrinkled crevices of the brain[s].
Scooping some up with a spoon, my mother simply held it in front of me, with an expectant gaze.

"Here eat death"
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