Kickoff written by DorothyBlue


Step back, things aren't what they first appear

Sat perched upon his spot. His place. He thinks to himself, why? He doesn’t understand why his happened.
Did he do this? Did every step he take lead up to this? This isn’t my fault. He repeats this in his head.
Like a mantra. Over and over. Because he needs to remember the truth. His truth. He forgets a lot.
His mind tends to go from one thing to another very fast. He didn’t see anything. Just heard the noise.
Who’s fault is this? He thinks. He must think harder. Go over the facts. Go through his memory of the actions leading unto this point. He has a small amount of time before they find him. He just wants to go over things in his head.
So when he does tell them he’ll say it in the right way. He never seems to say the right words.
Just manages make beings angrier the more he tries to explain. Short and to the point he thinks.
Keep it short and to the point. First, how did it happen. Well, again, he didn’t see so how can he explain that? Second, how to explain in shorter words. Clear
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words. In order to think of the words he must first find out how.
He thinks again. Searching in his memories for an answer.
Click, squeak, thump.
Their home.
Doors shut so they must be making their way passed him by now.
Click. Clack. Click.
They cant see him but he can defiantly see them.
Click….. click.
They’ve slowed down. Silence in the air. They’ve seen it. Hands tugging at hair, face getting reder by the second. How can he explain this to them? Will they understand? Common questions wondered by most in these horrible situations. He is sure this has happened to others.
With those thoughts he takes his last safe breath, and withdraws from his safe heaven. They see him.
Arms crossed waiting for the explanation. He looks at the scene around him. They were gone for one night and he decides to do this, they think. All while he takes in what he’s going to say. Words. He chooses carefully which ones. Not too many and not too much. But sadly he sounds foreign to them.
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They shake their head, clearly not listening. He sighs, they just don’t get it, or don’t want to. So he decides to use gestures to make them understand.
Waking around, retracing his steps, body parts flailing around. Showing them his movements that lead to this over night rager….. it happened again. More pieces now scattered across the scene. He turned around.
They clearly saw, and this time so did he.
Left, right, left, right.
Wish it would stop doing that.
Stupid tail.
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