Kickoff written by Frank the fox

Smash bros ultra: the newcomer

a newcomer joins the battle

previously: a strange object flew down from the sky interrupting the 10 player smash with jenny wakeman, the masked kid from under hero, niko from oneshot, sash lilac, sans the skeleton, bob the garo, snatcher the soul stealing phantom, nights the nightmaronn, kayna the fire element singing monster, and the villainous crow. The thing that was flying in the clouds was none other than the space ship of the villain from over the yonder: lord dominator.
"greetings" she said making everyone freeze in their tracks, "halt" said a spear welding fish monster known as undyne, "I know exactly who you are dominator, I won't let you hurt anyone here." dominator laughed and stated "if I wanted to hurt anyone I would have done it already" pushing undyne's spear away "now then, where is the owner of this establishment?" she asked the fire elemental "u-um... r-r-right through those doors." kayna said with her voice shaking and her heart pouncing out of her chest, dominator approached the fox man greeting
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him, frank gasped finding out who he was talking to. "YOU!!!" dominator chuckled and stated "relax, i'm not here to hurt anyone, i'm just interested in this fighting thing you have going on" she said as she handed him a letter with a smash ball symbol. "very well, but you have to follow some rules, rule #1: don't kill anyone, you can't hurt them nilly willy either, if you get in a fight, you have to do it smash bros style, items will be turned on and you you have one stock, rule #2: no flirting, i can't take horrible fanfics anymore, rule #3: keep it PG, no swears or adult humor, got it?" "yes" dominator said. "good, now then, charlie here will take you to your room" frank said as he was referring to the demon princess who had a dream to give all demons a second chance to redeem themselves: charlie from hazbin hotel. "right this way ma'am" charlie said as she took dominator to her room. "where do these fighters come from anyway?" frank asked himself

the end
for now
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