Kickoff written by IvoryRaven


Blake met a girl who turned his world upside down

As he rounded the final curve in the road, his fingers tightened around the wheel as the back of the truck slide through the gravel like warm butter. The old trucks blue paint, peeling further in the wind like little flags against an oceans strong breeze, and the ram, glistening like freshly polished silver, twinkled in the early evening sunlight. He knew that if she ever found out how fast he was going that she would bring hell upon him, but he didn’t care. Not tonight. He needed her too much to fear her anger this time.
He quickly pulled into the driveway and took a moment to look around his quaint home. The fields reached a football fields length on all sides of the house, ending in a gorgeous line of mature pine and oak trees. She had fallen in love with the silly line of trees, it was what held him back from cutting them down to expand his current usable land. Blake made his way to the porch gripping the screen door perhaps a little too roughly, for as he swung the door open
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it bounced off the walls cracking the glass window on top. He winced knowing he’d need to fix that, yet again, but something more important caught his attention from the doorway.
The sound of glass hitting the floor from the kitchen and the quiet gasp of the woman standing amidst the chaos. Blake hurried to the noise to find the cause of the commotion, a plate seemingly slipped from the wet hands of the woman braced against the kitchen wall. He took in the mess, chucks of china porcelain sprinkled the floor in all sizes from one side to the other, but there against the wall was the only thing he cared about. His gaze tracked across the floor falling on her feet, covered in tiny cuts and beaded with blood, he should have calmed down before coming in.
“Blake…?” His eyes continued up over the cream color of her legs, the oversized t-shirt she had most definitely stolen from his side of the closet, to the strawberry blonde curls tousled around her face. Her blue eyes shone through all
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of it though, like light at the end of the tunnel, his tunnel. He could see the fear quickly changes to concern upon seeing him. His name was like a sweet siren call that only he heard. Blake made his way across the kitchen, small pieces of glass became glitter under his boots as he reached the woman on the other side. His fingers reached out before he thought about it brushing against her arm, she was always there for him. He wanted to tell her, but he couldn’t, not yet. He needed something else first, something more important. Blake could feel her eyes searching his face, taking in the slouch of his shoulders, the soot still covering his face. He knew she’d want to ask but she was holding back, maybe she knew that he needed something first? He breathed a sigh of relief as her fingers brushed his resting on her arm still. She was trying to comfort him, even when she was clearly hurt.
Blake leaned down quickly wrapping his arms behind her legs and lifting her over his shoulder as if she
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weighed nothing more than a child. He felt her hands fumble with finding purchase against his clothing to allow her to sit up, but he kept a solid lock around her legs holding her in place as he made his way up the stairs of their home.
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