Follow up

Kickoff written by Cameron / Follow-up written by applejuice

So he recognized me

Very much based on LGBT

He started to walk up to me and I tried to pretend like I hadn't noticed he was there. I quickly moved into the bathroom and locked myself inside. I wanted to be a part of the party, but with him here I couldn't. I slowly reached up and slightly opened the door; I needed to get to my room, and quick. Once I felt the coast was clear, I quickly walked towards my door. As soon as I reached for the handle, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I swallowed my fear, turning around to face him. He didn't know I was a part of the LGBT community, only because I wasn't out when we were in school together.
"Hi, do you know where the bathro-" he paused. I held my breath, waiting for him to recognize me.
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"Nevermind, I think I saw you go in it just now. Cya," he said quickly, moving back into the crowd of intoxicated guys. I let out a large breath, able to be involved in the party now. He didn't recognize me. Wow. I partied the night away, finally able to be myself.
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