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the warrior

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He just looked at the woman he still called mother,fallen on the ground,looking broken for the first time looking like him for the first time.
She had fainted,and instead of the will to help her all he wanted to do was to run away again. So he did exactly that.
'You should have helped her! Go back and help her!' a tiny voice was shrieking inside his head, but the voice was tiny. His legs couldn't stop even as his vision was getting blurry. tears clouded up his eyes but he couldn't cry. Not here, not now.
a few hours earlier he was beating the shit out of people and now his mother recalled him using an ethereal cute boy to celebrate his 40th birthday?
what in the actual fuck is going on?
' whoever the god of my world is,' he fumed 'better be ready for me to come and bust their ass right now.'

home wasn't safe anymore. he took his best weapons, some rations and water that would last a week, some fresh icognito cloths and rode away from his past on his beloved steed.
He rode for a long
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time,his horse taking the lead for a change. They stopped on the outskirts of a forest and the warrior finally realized why they had to. There was someone in front of them,whose presence would have been welcome if he still remained unknown.
He smiled,eyes going first and winked.
"I know you are not my biggest fan,but my job comes first. Let me join you."

The warrior smirked, his eyes still wet. 'well i know business comes before pleasure, and i guess my mother knows my taste in men very well.
you have been forgiven. you brought a horse?'
'we-ell,' the stranger gestured to the empty air behind him, 'I have only my body and soul to offer to you oh master' he finished sarcastically, causing the warrior to cringe and blush at the same time.
'That was more painful than a mace crushing my chest at more than 6000 horses an hour.'
'Not as painful as your analogies, i hope' the stranger bowed like the warrior had, not too long ago.

the warrior laughed heartily and gestured for the stranger to
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sit behind him on the horse. 'I never caught your name, what with you entrapping and charming me and everything. What is it?'
''perhaps you will catch it on our way to...wherever this gorgeous being takes us" he said while caressing the horse who was acting pretty calm instead of the brat she actually is
"All you need to know about me is that I cheat people for a living. Tha okay with you, darling?" He screamed the last word,laughing at the scadalized look on the warrior's face.
"I just gotta know your name for now"
'just think of me as the muse of your dreams'
' thats a rather cheeky answer.'
'i know but i also heard your mother refer to your name zikovia, so now i hold the upper card'

'Well call me zikovo. its like the oaken tree. nobody calls me zikovia anymore and prefer you would do the same if you intend to keep your enchanting head.'

'glad we know each other then. onward to the unknown we go then!'

the warrior's horse galloped off, disappearing into the dark, green trees.
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a while, Zikovo heard a calm but loud voice say," Elijah"
He smiled. This was gonna be a risky ride.
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