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The warrior with the totally generi

Just a look into the normal day of a warrior.

'I'm too old for this' the warrior grunted as he bashed a guy's skull in.
Once he made sure the asshole no longer breathed,he lit a cigarette and took a long drag and grunted again.
The warrior sighed, he had nothing to return to. He jumped on his old trusted comrade, his horse and rode homeward
When he finally reached,his feet automatically leading him to his bedroom,there was a knock on the door.
There was a rather interesting gentleman at the door. An awkwardly perched bowler hat decked his skull while his coat tail end struggled to reach the start of his muddy boots. The most striking feature however, was his face.
The warrior tried to capture the guy with his eyes,checked him out if you will. His face was...beautiful, His simple brown eyes,freckles all over,thin lips, adorned with a huge scar. His eccentricity was something that the warrior couldn't place but liked nonetheless.
He brought the beautiful stranger inside. ' I have to say, of all the things to show up on my doorstep, you
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are the most beautiful of them all'. The stranger smiled 'you are very gracious with your compliments'. 'I am, but an admirer of beauty, milord.' The warrior bowed in good humour. "but what brings a beauty to these gruesome parts?'
"Well,you." The stranger smiled, his eyes smiling first.
When the warrior woke up,he was in a dark room.
'curse that pretty bastard' he swore as the effects of the drug wore off. The room was dimly lit with furniture haphazardly placed across it. there were a few cartons around an orange fluorescent lamp. 'You can come out now, pretty boy, I won't hurt you' The warrior shouted aggressively. 'Oh I am sure that his pretty face has served its purpose" a cold voice sneeringly echoed, "I knew you were always partial to handsome boys, it seems my bait drew you in, hook, line and sinker'. An old hag stepped into the light, cackling mirthfully. ' its been a long time, my dear daughter.'
The warrior stiffened. 'I have told you a thousand times maa, I am not your daughter!
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Why won't you accept that?' his voice quivered.
'Its my daughter's 40th birthday today,' the hag continued without acknowledging him, ' and you know, she has not even contacted me in the past 10 years! her own mother kept starving for a word of love, of something that would have informed her that her daughter was aliiiiive, but no Madam is too busy for me, isn't she? well not anymore.' The warrior was shaking now, 'i told you i was a man, i have always been a man, I was just in the wrong body. You... you don't know. How much pain, how much shame I have endured all these years. You always do this, why?' tears streamed down his magnificent beard. ' Why do you this maa?'
He cried like he used to 10 years ago,and his mother still had the same expression. Not of understanding,but pity and shame. So much had changed,but not this.
She left,just like she left him 10 years ago. The warrior couldn't stop crying no matter what he did,as the reality of his life hit him. Not the one he lived in,but
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the one that the world made up for him
and she wouldn't open her eyes no matter what. Her daughter was a girl. she was born a girl. all this wrong person in the body must have happened when the hag wasn't home. her enemies must have cursed the hag's pride and joy.
She didn't change, couldn't change herself
She was raised in different times, and in her eyes, her own daughter, her beautiful daughter had fallen prey to some sort of curse.
tears were streaming down the warrior's face
and the hag seeing him cry could not stop cackling
as the cackling grew louder and louder the warrior grew worried. His mother wasnt like this
her laughing grew more terrifying by the second until she finally collapsed with her tears streaming down her face
'i- I made you cry' she said in between sobs
'i- I made you run away, did I not' she said aloud almost realising truth as it flowed out of her lips
She hit the floor, and the warrior couldn't do anything.
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