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Book written by Alterismo


A girl with abilities beyond her own imagination.

I laid in the grass as I watched my ladybug relax on a dandelion, maybe she was drinking nectar? Do ladybugs drink nectar? She eventually flew off the weed and onto my nose. I loved outside so much I dream about going outside the next day. I heard my dad car pull in, he's always here. My mom was in Miami FL for a big meeting. I was special and my parents wanted to keep that secret. I could make things happen, unusual things that no kid should be able to do. I attracted so many critters and animals. One time they came home to me surrounded by a lot of butterflies. They knew I was special when I was born but not this special. I'm 13 with light gray eyes and Light brown skin and curly hair that comes to my shoulders. Im 5'4 with a passion for painting. I've always found it strange how I wasn't allowed to go to school with the other kids. When I thought about going to school It made me scared of rejection. I wish I could be normal but attracting butterflies isn't even something concerning so
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why do I have to stay hidden? "Honey come help me with these groceries." I sat up and my lady bug flew into my hair "Coming!" I ran over to the car and looked into the trunk full of wonders, til my eye caught raisins. "Ewww, only old people it raisins."
"Well I guess I'm old then." my dad chuckled.
I started grabbing the bags and brought them in the house, I sat them down on the kitchen table and started going through the bags and searching for something easy to snack on. "Where's the chips pa?"
"Not right now Dorothea." I sighed and left the table and went back outside to lay in the grass. My ladybug flew back out and on my nose. I could hear my dad walking up to me but I was out of it. "Honey I need to know something-"
"Dad is it about the animals again?"
"yes, but-"
"I don't really wanna talk about it. It makes me sad when you remind me that I'm different. You say it's good but make me hide it." I didn't look him in the eye, in fact I was't facing him at all. I loved my pa but he wants
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me to just pull up random info out of myself like I'm not just as confused as him. I saw a butterfly flying overhead, I sat up and raised my hand towards it and it flew right over like it heard me calling. "That right their honey, why did it fly over to you?"
"I don't know. I just wanted it and it came over."
"So you just thought about it and it happened?"
"yes, pa." I started to feel the urge to tell him the rest because he didn't know the half of it. "pa.." I mumbled as I looked down.
"But when I think about bad things happening, it happens." I watched Pa eye's grow big as I explained in detail what I thought about. Even told him I'm probably the reason my baby brother is dead. I felt so sad, yet happy to get this off my chest, but Pa looked horrified. I tried to grab him but he backed away. "You- you monster. God didn't bless you like this. This can't be God's work!" He shoved me and grabbed me by my hair. "PA!" he being to drag me into the house and tie me to a chair. "wait til your
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mother hear about this!"
"Pa, I'm scared!" I could feel the tears in my eyes building. He kicked the chair down and I smacked my head on the edge of the table. I saw a pool of my blood forming around my head and my dad yelling but his words started to blur. I passed out eventually. I woke up in the basement still tied to the chair. My mouth was tapped shut and I could hear arguing upstairs. Sounds like mom and pa. I heard someone walking up to the door and I decided to pretend I was still knocked out. The door opened and ma came down quickly and stood in front of me, pa came following behind her. "She admitted she killed him."
"Pitiful. I can't believe she done that. Maybe she was scared or confused."
"You always making excuses for her. We need to do something about this, and NOW."
I heard mice in the walls and sounds like they were trying to get to me. No, no, no, They'll get me discovered.

To be continued...
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