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Ummm that story i'm writing

It's about high school kids. just that

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter One (Everyone)

Lina stood outside her new school, waiting to go in. She wasn’t even waiting for anyone, just waiting until she felt like it was a good time for her to go in. Before everyone got there and looked at her. My Loki, did she get a lot of stares when she went places. She never knew if they were good stares or not, but they always looked like they were judging her in some way. Taking a deep breath, she walked towards the heavy, green door and shoved it open.

Standing inside, there were a few other students that looked to be about her age, all having a conversation, when one of them noticed her entry. He ran over, bowed, and held out his hand. “Kaoru, you must be… uh... new kid?” He had a scar on his forehead that Lina was curious about, but didn’t care to ask about.

Lina shook his hand and nodded. “I-I’m Melania. Abakumov.”

The other three in the group went over.

The tallest of them looked down and smiled. “I’m Ollie, nice to meet you. Melania is sorta long to say, mind if I call you Baku? ‘Cause of your last name-?” His shaggy dirty blonde hair fell over his eyes.
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“Oh my God. Shut up, man, give her some space”, said a female’s voice from behind the tall guy. She pushed her way around him and waved. “‘Sup. I’m Wren, but everyone calls me Achilles. Like mythology. Anyway, sorry about Ollie,” she stated, as she patted his back. “He’s… talkative, to say the least.” This one had dyed purple hair and some piercings. And freckles. She looked intimidating at first, but not really.

“He’s fine… So, aren’t you the guys that’re supposed to show me around or something?”

“Right.” Ollie led the way to the first room with everyone else trailing behind him.

Lina gazed around the halls as she walked, seeing only rows and rows of green and yellow lockers, some with magnets and decorations on them, some completely barren. Wren and Kaoru fell back to Nia, leaving Ollie alone in front.

“Sorry about him, he’s interesting. But he’s nice, don’t get me wrong. But also sorry. I don’t exactly know why I’m sorry about him but I feel like I should apologize.”

“He’s really fine, trust me. So, like, why aren’t you guys doing something? It’s summer break?”
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