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Will never be replaced

Hunter/Luz Sibling Hurt Comfort

Hunter sat in his room, looking out the window as his elbow rested on the windowsill, sitting in complete and utter silence. It had been several weeks since Eda took Hunter in, and everyone was still adjusting to it. It wasn't a bad thing for Hunter, however, a change of pace was a well-needed development for the young half-ling witch. Yet, it was a struggle to get him out of the mindset that he'd been in for 14 years prior when he was still living with Belos. Memories of the past few months filled his head.

So, you return with nothing. Is this the thanks I get for taking you in?

Belos' words filled his head, along with his own.

We have a lot in common, Blight. We're both trying to show what we can bring to the table. And we can't fail, 'cause there's nothing worse than disappointing someone who thinks you're special.

He remembered what he'd stated in months prior.


Since I failed my last mission I thought: "Hey, a chance to make up for it!" But I can't go back empty-handed!
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Not again.


Everyone has a use, and if you don't, pfft, bye-bye!!!


Everyone has a use, Hunter. Kikimora has her intricate little plans, the scouts carry out orders, and you... well, the Titan has big plans for you, and it would be such a hassle to find a replacement.

"I'M NOT USELESS!" he screamed, punching the walls as hard as he could, and as a result, hearing Hooty outside screech, "OW! CAREFUL! HOOT!" Startled, Lil’ Rascal looked over at him, chirping frantically as he ruffled his feathers.

Hunter didn't pay attention to the blood that ran down his arms from the scuffs on his knuckles. He sat on his bed, staring at the ground as drops of blood fell to the ground.

Footsteps could be heard heading upstairs as a soft, yet worried voice called out, “Hunter…? Are you okay…?”

“Oh no…” Hunter mumbled to himself, quiet enough so nobody else could hear.

That voice was the voice of his adopted human sister, Luz Noceda. She’d always been a kind and caring individual, even
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if she did have a habit of rushing into things without thinking. They’d first met on a bounty trip, a trip he remembered all too well and he despised it, especially now that he’d grown rather fond of the human.

The second encounter allowed for their bond to grow, as she’d shown him kindness time and time again even if he felt as though it wasn’t deserved. And now they were siblings, and even with the occasional scuffle and argument, they’d gotten along well in the past few weeks.

“Hunter?” the voice called out again as it sounded closer this time.

Hunter didn’t answer, nor look in the door’s direction, but he could see Luz standing at the doorway through his peripheral vision, and could feel her eyes burning into the back of his neck.

“Can you please just… go…?” Hunter asked moodily, still avoiding her gaze. Luz looked at him, frowning before she spotted the blood running down his arms and then some cuts on his arm that weren’t bleeding, but still looked rather recent as the skin around
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them were slightly red and hadn’t formed their scabs yet. Lil’ Rascal looked over at Luz then looked at his master’s arms before motioning to one of the blades Hunter owned.

“Okay, that’s it-” Luz walked downstairs, a few minutes later, heavy, fast footsteps could be heard coming back up, as she stormed into the room, the first aid kit in her hands to Hunter’s surprise.

“What did we tell you about cutting and scratching your wrists?!” she chirped, exasperated.

Hunter remained speechless, still staring at the ground. Luz sat on the ground in front of him as she’d started to clean up the blood and would wrap his knuckles in gauze and bandage his cuts. Hunter couldn’t stand when she did that but knew she meant well.

“You could’ve knocked, you know I need my privacy, Eda even has a rule about it…” he grumbled, to which Luz replied, “I get that you need your alone time to just be alone with your thoughts, HOWEVER, that rule is nonexistent if you’re in here cutting (continue)
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