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Lost King of Elenora

The story of an undead king, lost from his kingdom

Chapter 01

Death wasn't sympathetic. I learned that. It seized where it could, reaching individuals who were far too young, far too valuable. It didn't pretend to care; it didn't fool to distinguish. Death did not discriminate between souls. The hooded cloak of death had hung over the world for a long time, invariably intimidating. It had never touched me once so intimately. Death had ripped away a part of me, the part of me that was most loved. A challenge it taught me to despise, hate, and fear brought me compassion. I didn't dread him. I feared not knowing what he might do and where he might take me. He causes no pain beyond what life provides. He is not greedy; he is not rude or rough. He only carries me, my scorched soul, to a chilly rest, where I rested, numbed by the selfishness, arrogance, and hostility of the living realm.
When I opened my eyes, the first thing I noticed was the feeling of ice beneath my warm body. The chill that gripped my body kept me from falling back into
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a slumber. What lay ahead of me was a pale sky, colorless and grim. I sat upright, and took a minute to analyze my surroundings. Gray stones marked the bodies of the beloved, each stone representing a spirit returning their matter to the earth, their souls, ageless since birth, return to our maker. I let my feet tread lightly over the soils that were too dead to brace life. I felt the odd trace of death on my skin, his chill still held my flesh like a child discovering a new toy. While I continued forward, I tried to recall my memory. I couldn’t. It was as if I were pushing a heavy boulder, large enough to keep a river from spilling its secrets. A that boulder refused to budge.
It didn't take long for me to stumble, for the ground was uneven with holes and pits of various sizes. The soil beneath my feet were soft, but not of grass. It was wet, as if mother nature had attempted to revived the dead blades of grass.
I tried to find my voice, but I found only a croak. I could not speak.
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