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The Key To The Bad Boy's Heart

Have you ever met a person who at first glance you

Alright, I need to clarify somethings that will make the story a little easier to understand:
First off:I'm aware that it is very cliche and the writing might not be the best. I'm asking you to understand that I am only fifteen years old I'm not going to be as amazing as Shakespeare.
Second:I'm aware that this story is most likely well played out meaning that you've heard a similar story multiple times, but trust me they're some interesting topics throughout the story (especially as the story progresses).
Third:The main character isn't going to be completely observant throughout at least the first act of the story. If she was, then the story would be over in two chapters. I need to add some unobservantness and just flat out ignorance to shape good character development and keep the story moving. Don't worry, she won't be as unobservant as Lexi in "I sold my soul to the devil..." (no shade to the author of that book), she will pick on up some cues.
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Fourth and finally:I will be having the characters sing some songs at like a talent show type thing, or just hanging out because that's their character. They love playing guitar and singing, so they're will be some songs. Not songs that I have originally written of course, but songs (mostly Taylor Swift songs but that's not the point) I will be crediting the artists at the end of the chapter in an author's note, so don't say I'm stealing I'm giving credit.
I hope that you guys continue to read, trust me, it gets a lot more interesting after the first few chapters ;).
Thanks for reading this, and I guess I'll see- well I won't see you all but you know what I mean, in the next chapter. Peace out!


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