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Seeking Shadows

The Source must be protected

“You know, there’s not much I can do to you with a whole cage between us. Could you at least loosen the cuffs?”
“I’m sure there is plenty that you could do.”
“You scared?”
“Not scared. Just not looking to make my life more difficult.”
“Then you probably should’ve just let me be.”
Landon made eye contact with Hannah through his rearview mirror, and she smiled at him.
“When we first met, you weren’t scared either. Remember what a mistake that was?”
Landon chuckled. “I wouldn’t say that the lack of fear was my issue the last time we met.”
“So you admit, you were afraid?”
“I was new and stupid.”
“And now you’re seasoned and wise.”
“Now I’ve been fooled by you once. Shame on you.”
“You were concerningly easy to fool. I worry about the citizens of Rockford.”
“I don’t work for the citizens of Rockford anymore.”
“Oh? And who do you work for now?”
Hannah raised an eyebrow. “Now, I know that’s not true. Everyone answers to someone.”
Landon peered at her through the rearview again. They
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were at a red light. “And who do you answer to?”
Hannah smiled and held his gaze. When the light finally went green, he broke the eye contact. Hannah wasn’t sure how he’d been watching her and the light at the same time.
“You know, Landon, you’ve got me all wrong.”
“Do I?”
“Yes. You think I’m some clever, quick- witted, gorgeous-looking badass that lies and cheats and steals and murders. Did you ever think that maybe I had, like, a really good reason for all of those things?”
“You’re not that clever.”
“That wasn’t my question. The traits I listed weren’t up for debate. Though I did notice that you didn’t refute my quick-wit and gorgeous badassery so 2 out of 3.”
“There are definitely a few more traits I would list, but most of yours are fair as well. Why don’t you tell me all of your reasons for committing crimes, then?”
Hannah smiled widely. “I would, but then I’d be confessing. And also, you’re not ready to hear them.”
Landon chuckled. “Hannah, I have been up more nights than I can count
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wondering where you were and what other crimes you were committing and why you were committing them. If you could tell me why, maybe I could get some sleep.”
Hannah shifted in the uncomfortable plastic seat, trying to relieve some of the pressure from the handcuffs. “So what you’re saying is that you think about me at night while you’re in bed? No wonder your marriage didn’t work.”
Hannah saw Landon’s hands tighten imperceptibly on the steering wheel, but the grin on his face never shifted even an inch. Hannah respected his ability to remain composed, even when he wasn’t. A skill he must have refined as an officer, though Hannah remembered admiring his composure even as a new cop. It was one of the things that she had struggled with at first. It had taken her years to school her facial expression to reflect indifference when inside she was experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. But she had honed the skill. She had nothing but time back then to hone it. And if she was honest, there had not
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been much else for her to work on because there weren’t many things that she struggled with. It was only natural with her ability.
“You know, Landon. You’re the only one that has ever caught me. I mean, after I was fully trained to evade capture.”
“I’m honored. But I guess the amount that I should be honored really depends on who trained you to evade capture?”
“The United States government.”
Landon laughed loudly. “I missed your outlandish stories.”
“I would say ask them, but I can guarantee that you don’t know anyone with a high enough security clearance to verify my story.”
“Besides, if you tell them that I’m here, I’m dead. Or worse.”
“Or worse?”
“You don’t want to know. It would seriously undermine your faith in this country and its justice system.”
“You might be overestimating my existing faith.” Landon sighed. “So is that what you’ve been up to since we last met? Missions for the government?”
His words sent Hannah back; far back to a distant past.
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