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I wake up everyday is the same day but the only thing different is this dream its not a nightmare it's just i dream i tell myself but its so realistic like i was actually there the dream is about a woman a beautiful woman she looked about 5’5 i couldn't see what she looked like because in every dream her face was always blurred out and another thing there was always four men in black suits chasing after her i wondered to myself why why would they chase after this woman this woman was always in this white dress beautiful white dress with what looked like a baby in her hands but then when i even feel like i get close i wake up.

I look to my right and I look outside the window wondering if today will be any different from the next. After thinking about that, I look at my alarm at 5:35. “I have to stop getting up so early,” I said to myself. I got up out of bed then put a shirt on and some slides. After stretching a bit I headed into the kitchen for some coffee but then I realized I'm out
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of coffee. I get a hoodie on to go out to the gym next to my apartment. It's a pretty big apartment and plus it's a big city so apartments weren't really that expensive. When i walked out the door i saw Mr.Fex his full name is Johathan Fex but i called him Fex for short.

Mr. Fex stopped me right when i was walking down the stairs ``Hello Samuel did you like that shrimp pasta i made for you last night” “Amazing you really nailed it with the flavours” i said Mr.Fex did really make an amazing shrimp pasta and i love shrimp so i can't really turn down the offer. Mr.Fex was the only person kind enough to even greet me when I moved into the apartment last week when I said goodbye to the kind Mr.Fex I walked downstairs. I looked at my watch remembering I had an interview for a new job. This job wasn’t anything big. I had some experience back when I was in the special forces for 10 years. When I arrived at the place there were these strange men. They had blacks cars with white rims and blacked
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out windows “strange” I told myself but I ignored it. I walked into the building the building was small little joint crammed between two buildings that nobody had even owned when i opened the door there were 5 men 4 in black suits and 1 in a full white suit with a black tie “Are you Samuel” the man in the white suit asked me “Yeah you must be Goodwill i assume” Goodwill was the name of the CEO of the company i was meeting up with for the interview.

When i sat down i saw a man looked mid 60’s pretty small and i saw his daughter she looked mid 20’s i'll assume 25 for now the man and the daughter looked afraid of something but as soon as i was going to get up and ask if they were ok Mr.Goodwiill stopped me “coffee?” he asked me “Yeah i'll take a coffee decaf trying to cut down on caffeine sleeping issues”Goodwill chuckled and said “been there i have kids 4 so i always need a kick in the morning sometimes the evening” he said with a grin. “So what experience do you have? I'm looking for well
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it's a bit classified for now but tell me about yourself Samuel. Can I call you Sam?” “Sam is fine if i can skip the mister and just call you goodwill” he agreed with a brief chuckle “About me huh well i worked in special forces for 10 years im a great tracker if you ever that is relevant also i almost never sleep so im al-” he cut me off asking me the strangest question ever “ How did you get that birthmark on your arm it looks like a sign to i know from somewhere”.

“This? Yeah i never payed attention to it now that i think about it it kinda looks like the omega sign” i said with a laugh following afterwards “So your the one” goodwill said with a happy and relieved smile “ he snapped his fingers twice two men held me down while the other put a bag over my head i could hear the owner of the coffee shop and his daughter screaming. One of the men had put a needle in my neck i grabbed him and had a grip on him but i fell asleep the only thing i had on my mind is the white dress
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