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Book written by King of death

The warriors Frist Move

A warrior most move before a man can follow

A child was sitting inside a building he was inside a damp room filled with posters and trinkets. The child's stomach then went off he mounded while getting up not wanting to walk all the way over there but he pulled himself up and walked to a tiny mini-fridge when he looked inside it was empty he knew he had to leave so he got on his sandals and left he was walking down the street when he noticed that a truck was spreading towards him at a high speed so he tried jumping to the side but he was too late and he got hit his vision started getting dark.
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and darker until he could only see black all around him but his conscious did not disappear it was still here even after 100 years it was still there until a light appeared and a circle then appeared inside of it and a strange glowing creature came out and said you have one wish what can it be and if you try to pull something I will kill you take this as mercy the being said well then I would wish for where my body can store energy li qi and others the only reason I am asking for this is because I have to be going to a new world if you are asking me for a wish
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You are a smart one and you are correct
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