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Behind My Perfect Mask

"Family? Friends? Love? What are those?"

I turned the music up. Hugging my legs as I stared at my feet.

A female and male voice could be heard. Glass shattering and cries of pain and anger. More shouting.

Tears streaming down my cheeks.

This was normal. I couldn't count anymore how many times they fought. They could just not stop fighting for just one day.

I don't even know what they're fighting for. I turned my music louder as they're voices are getting louder. My hands trembling.

The voices stopped. I was confused at the same time happy they stopped.

I was planning to stand up but A knock interrupted me from the door leaning on. My eyes widened as I stopped from doing any sounds.

I was lucky I turned off the lights. I covered my mouth with my hands and shut my eyes tight hoping whoever it is to leave.

There were a few knocks but stopped for atleast three knocks.

I heard foot steps becoming more silent that I could barely hear anymore so I tthought whoever it is left.

My parents were never in a good mood after
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a fight. I mean who would? But straight to the point They would hurt me until they fell satisfied after their fights. I would never forget my former bruises when they fought about my dad meeting a girl at a cafe.

A sigh came from my lips. I carefully stood up from the wooden floor and went straight to bed.

Closing my eyes wishing one day my parents would stop fighting.
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