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Wolf in sheep's clothing (not done)

This story isn't finished, enjoy tho.

Today was May 1st, 2001. I can never forget the past when I first discovered my little brother’s dead body. The first day of his Birthday was the first day when he died on the day of spring. Birds were chirping as they flew by the bloody midnight coruscating river, the skies were black as the black wolves of Hollow falls; wolves with sharp long ears pointed back that are the size of a tree branch that falls from the boughs that are connected to the great tallest trees of Mother nature’s pure flesh and blood. They grow out from the thistle and weed’s out from the dead corpse as they scream “father dear god help me~” but in a way that the roots from the tree grow’s out from their flesh straight out from their guts, they feast on dead human corpses and blood. (They also feast off animals ' blood and flesh, it gives them energy from their corpses and feeds their newborns that are flowers so they could grow during the winter times. Their flowers are red like the bloody rose that grows out from
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the cold bitter grounds of the earth. If you look inside through the red deadly flower’s insides, their pollen is golden hot yellow-ish color. They smell like honey and they are very addictive: they can make your nose bleed and make your head feel dizzy without even knowing that you are. They give you “Ophthalmoplegic migraine” Ophthalmoplegic migraine is a nervous system problem that can affect the eyes and head. People with this rare condition get migraines and pain around their eyeballs.) Their tails were long, their claws were split like a knife, they can gut you into two halves like a little piggy you are, they weigh 234,221 pounds.
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Their Kilograms were 30,334 they are more heavier than a wolf or any other dog that is related to the wolves ancestry. Their coats are heavy, big, and soft but wool like a sheep’s fleece, they have a white stripes that are like silver but white as snow. Their eyes are black as they are emotionless just like how the river echoes through the wasteland of death compared to one single bloody rose gathered to another as one rose petal falls from their stem. The water turned into blood as every single living thing burned in the forest as life and nature were destroyed into two.
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They showed no remorse nor fear; they just feast off of dead living things, rather if they cry, mauled them into two. Therefore the world goes blind as just like one living thing cries for mercy, but there’s no mercy in this world. They are tall muscular black looking wolves who cry blood as they say “wolf cries” they cry out blood as they feel pain through their flesh and bones. Imagining the twinge that affected their whole entire body through their mind’s everything was just as dark as their emotionless thoughts.
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