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What It Means To be Queen


Since my parents died a month ago I am forced to become Queen. It wasn’t like I had much of a childhood anyway, I spent day after day learning from scrolls that have no idea what being an actual Queen is.

The scrolls state that a Queen is only present to support the King and of course produce the next heir. But if you hadn’t noticed in a game of chess, if the Queen is captured then that party is forced to forfeit.

“The Queen is the heart of the Kingdom, I will be the first to show my Kingdom to worship me without a King at my side.”
“Your majesty, you must realize that you are only thirteen years of age. The soldiers are out of control, wondering who is going to rule over them.” My guard explains to me.

“Gather the kingdom, I’ll inform them myself.”
This will not be easy, my age will not earn me respect so I’ll have to create it out of hard work. But I shall let the public think that they’ll have a new king soon. “Invite the Mercer family to dinner while you’re at it,”

I tell her
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as I wrote with a quill pen writing a letter to the family.
Once the letter was finished I tapped my chin.
“Your highness, maybe we should have an adult-”
“Open your mouth to me again and I’ll demote you to the jester,” I tell her before sighing. “Right away!”

That night dinner and the gathering had been arranged. The dinner was set for the next day while the gathering had been set for a week after.

Lord Luther Mercer had four sons which he will offer me the hand of. I’ll study them during dinner and take my pick at the end of the night.
A knock on the door of my chambers appeared.
“You may enter.”

“Your highness,” MaryAnn's voice came from the doorway. MaryAnn was a maid, she and a few other maids dressed me. Although I’m fully capable of doing it myself. They insist.

“It’s late, Your grace. You have to meet The Mercer family tomorrow. Please rest.” She told me. “In a while, I still have things to approve. They do not have to notify the royal head every time there’s a new shipment
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do they?”
“The shipment’s come on certain dates, your ladyship.” MaryAnn reminded me.

“Ah, yes. Once I am finished I’ll turn in for the night, oh, and inform the guard that I’m going into town, tell my personal guard she is no longer needed, and please stop with the formalities.”
“Into town? But you’ve never been there before.” She states.

“That is why I want to go, I have to see the kingdom I am meant to protect.”
“Yes, your majesty.”

“Right away!” She yells leaving in a hurry.
I approved the last shipment of weapons for our soldiers then I climbed into bed. It’s so cold knowing I won’t wake up to my mother’s beautiful smile.
When my face hit the pillow I was fast asleep.
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