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Kashmir and its people

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Kashmir and its people
According to latest Urdu news Kashmir having 96.4 %Muslims population, the jugular vein of Pakistan is bleeding. This part, which was called "paradise on earth”, is now the graveyards of innocents. Kashmir long history of struggle seems never ending, with increasing Indians
everyday propaganda's, Kashmirs wish for independence seems just a dream but these brave people still have faith, and were struggling with their lives and bloods for the sake of their independence and freedom. With the abolishment of article 370 (70 years old provision that given autonomy to state of Jammu and Kashmir), the kashmiris were facing their tough time along with the cruel behavior of Indian government. The innocent kashmiris were imprisoned in their own place, and was suffering from basic human rights violations. They were arrested, tortured, raped and fake encountered and was
sentenced to death, for the only reason that they want
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independence. With increasing cruelty Indians can never stop their struggles; their conspiracy for turning Muslim majority territory into Hindu majority should be stopped! The Indian violation of UN Security Council resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir also needs world attention.
Kashmirs sacrifices could never be ignored with every new dawn; they are losing their father, son and husband just for the sake to seek independence and freedom. They claim that they can even face death but will make Kashmir independent one day. Kashmiris stance that even
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