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We Were Written in the Stars

Greek mythology meets modern society

On a dark day, death waits, weaving its way in and out of the crowds scampering throughout their lives. It hums a tune of mourning, and even as it slits the throats of sinners its voice rises above all who scream. It is a monster, and it is beautiful.

Sometimes I can’t stand it, the ticking of the grandfather clock, the slam of file organizers and the hum of the coffee machine that nobody thinks to replace even though it produces beverages that are more likely to be categorized as a type of bizarre animal feces than a drinkable source of nutrients, are after all enough to make anyone go insane.
And boy, did I go insane, my temper is like a demon, possessing me when even I don’t expect it, bursting out from even the toughest prisons to make my life miserable. But let’s face it, I was never going to be one to work in an office.
Even surrounded by those closest to me, the walls start to contract, closing in on me and preventing me from protecting my home, New York city.
Most people
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come to New York to pursue dreams, and like any other place, a reasonable amount of people’s dreams are crushed. But I fell in love with New York for a different reason.
The mask it wears glimmers yet the city underneath writhes in debauchery. It provides hope to the people looking for it and a sense of satisfaction to those who love to cause anguish.
New York is dirty and decaying, falling apart under the reign of everyone touched by its claws. But it is alive. And yes, its breath is raspy and tortured but even though it is bleeding out, I can not seem to remove it from my heart. New York has planted its seed inside of me. Clinging on and refusing to let go.
I can’t help answering its call of torment, I simply run toward it. Peace and chaos were never expected to exist simultaneously yet in this filthy city, war and harmony walk together, creating an illusion of affability and helping others to find normality in turmoil.
However, for as much as my heart refuses to reject the city
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I have sworn to protect, some days I can’t force myself to remain near it any longer. I suppose that I should have been able to sit down and shut up, cross my legs, bat my eyes, and be the quiet girl who just so happened to be put in charge.
But if anyone knows me, then they also know about my commanding stubbornness, how at only the age of three I took my pair of safety scissors and ripped the nice dresses society expected me to wear. There is no doubt that I was put in charge not because of my family but because of my specific skill set, although today no one seemed to care enough to listen.
The explosion of my temper was enough to impress even me, so it wasn’t a surprise when I was politely excused from work and left to my own devices for the rest of the day. And like any other, I flee to the woods. Or the closest thing that you can call a forest in New York and although it is polluted and crumbling, it is where I choose to spend most of my precious free time.
Grand Woodland Creek
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is a forgotten park situated around a cul de sac in a rich and protected area just outside of New York. To anyone passing by it would appear to be deserted, and oftentimes the only human residents are the children who live in the surrounding neighborhoods, most of which only stay long enough to litter and smoke weed.
Today the sky is a twisting gray that can only mean one thing, rain. But even with the chance of rain I still venture further into the woods than I have before, always looking for the next big adventure, whether it be climbing a cliff I could just as simply walk around or straying off the paths in pursuit of the great unknown.
The trees today are somehow different, they bend and sway with the harsh winds. As I stumble along the path the thicket of leaves continues to get more and more dense. Almost beginning to get to the point where I am having a difficult time walking along the path without tripping over hidden roots. Up ahead there is a steep hill litte
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