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Under the blanket

The beginning of the best friendship.

Chapter One

Under the blanket
It was the year of 2000. My family moved to a new apartment in a city called Armavir which is in Armenia. My family used to live in a village with my dad’s family. They worked really hard for years in order to move. A young woman in her 20s was working in different gardens, she was planting veggies and selling them with her husband for days and nights. And it wasn’t easy. It’s not easy when you have a new born baby at home who needs you.
I was born in 2001, on a cold December day. Since then I have lived in Armavir with my mom, my dad and my older brother. Back then there weren’t many young people in our neighborhood. But it was before March 9th, 2002. That day a boy called Sky was born. Our mothers became friends and so did we. We grew up together. Two crazy kids, a girl and a boy. Unfortunately I don’t have lots of memories with him in our young age but I do remember one story that our parents have told us. Our moms used to gather together, have coffee
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or tea. Let’s move back to one of those days, okay?
Me and Sky are around 4 years old. Our neighbours are in our house, ready for coffee and their usual mommy talks. They were talking and laughing while Sky and I went to my parents bedroom and hid under the blanket of the bed. We are playing and laughing together under the blanket thinking that no one can find us and meanwhile we forgot to hide our feet. They were outside of the blanket. My mom comes in and starts laughing very hard. Then she calls everyone else and they all start to laugh at us.
-Hey, what are you doing down there?,-askes my mom.
-Don’t disturb us and you better leave us alone. -answers Sky.
Don’t ask me what we were doing, because I have no idea what and why in the world we were doing.

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