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Book written by Jacaboy

The boy and the apocalypse

One boy trying to reach safety... 850 miles away.

Chapter one: The beginning

Right now I am in a military base in Michigan but you don't think I was just there no. I had to walk 850 miles from Kearney Nebraska to get here and it was not easy being thirteen no less but let's go to the start of this story.It was a Sunday morning and I got up and said hi to the people awake in my house. Later I got my computer and started watching videos for some time but then I got an alert on my computer to stay indoors and dont go outside. I was kind of scared about it and went to my mom to tell her about it and she said not to worry. If only that were true. Later my dad divorced my mom but I still see him every other weekend. He came over with supplies and of course guns, lots of guns. He was a big hunter and had a lot with him. I liked hunting. I had shot two deer in my time. He asked if he could stay with them to help protect ourselves. My brother was never told anything so he wouldn't get scared. After my parents let him stay to make sure we were
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ok he came over and gave me my old 22 cal. Carbine and my ar-15 and told me to keep them close by. About two days later all seemed to be ok but at night I could hear these weird howls that were like dogs and cats howling together but higher pitched. The day after I talked with my step dad about it and he said that it was just a dog but I believe otherwise. Later in the evening we could hear blood curdling screams a couple mines from the house we didn't want to see something we did want to see. An hour later we had heard growling outside but my dad had boarded up the windows but after a couple minutes we heard a BANG and we saw what looked like a large wolf with no hair with black skin and cat like paws and face. My stepdad got his shotgun to check it out and when he got closer it pounced on his shoulder breaking it almost immediately and killing him. My dad got his 363 cal. And shot twice in the head just to kill it and its blood was like acid melting through the floor. After that several
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of them came through the window and my dad killed two before they got him. Just being my mom and I she opened the window and gave me my backpack with supplies and a bucket containing lots of 22 cal. Ammunition. She got me out the window telling me to get to the military base in Michigan. my brother was silently killed without pain. My mom told me to go to Michigan and be safe at the military base while she attracted their attention while I escaped and started running away from the house. That's how I started my 850 mile journey.

Thank you for reading my book I will be posting more in the future thank you again for reading
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