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House with a Elephant in its Roof


Brooke and Mason have known eachother since forever. Mason was always there for her, and Brooke doesn't know what she would do without him. But things change, and Mason doesn't have the time for Brooke that he used too. And to make it worse, brooke thinks she loves him, more than anyone would ever expect him to love her.
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Me and Mason had been neighbors since I moved to delphos, our bedroom windows faced each other until my mom made me switch when I started middle school.

I didn't complain, this bedroom made it easier to sneak out using the roof. Mason used to always sneak me out with him at night, not so much anymore.

We still see each other, still do things together, but its not the same.

I think its silly almost, for me to have thought that we would be best friends forever. It's silly that I expected us to go everywhere together forever. It's silly that I thought there was such thing as forever.

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Looking up to gaze upon the perfect people with perfect lives taped to my ceiling I noticed the single tear falling down my cheek.

I flipped my phone over, scrolling past the unopened messages straight to Mason. He still hadn't opened my text telling him that his mom was looking for him.

I stared at it for a moment before deleting the name king and replacing it with Mason. Its immature, sure, but its the only way I have to express myself when not even his mom has seen him.

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"Brooke! Dinner!"


I walked down the steps into the kitchen, seeing my mom and dad sitting at the table.

We sat in silence, like every other night, my mom clearly annoyed by god knows what.

My phone began to vibrate, I chose to ignore it based on the obvious tension. It vibrated again, then a third time, causing me to break and pull it from my pocket.

Mason's name appeared three times on my lockscreen.

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