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Unscathed Scarlet

Illuminated Dazzles

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Lost in the wild forests, a perturbed Liza is trying to seek help by shouting at the top of her voice, but alas! It seems her friends left to a further distance. “Oh Good Lord”, murmured the girl. “What am I going to do, all alone, lost in the dense woods?” It started getting darker and darker, as nightfall grew closer. The skies enclosed upon themselves, while the sun rays dimly faded through the way. Liza was all petrified by the sounds heard all over the woods. She even lost her phone, hence no way to contact whosoever. She started sobbing profusely when a voice quietly asked, “Are you okay?”. Liza turned fearfully, and saw a young lad, clad in casuals, anxiously looking at her. She felt as if she knew him from before; an immediate connection could be sensed. He asked again, “Are you alright?”. Liza nodded. “What should I understand by this?”. “What do you mean?”, Liza resented. “I’m lost in a forest. It’s about to be night. Do you think I can be okay?”.
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“Okay! Relax. By the way, I’m Caesar. You might not be interested to know my name but I can offer a helping hand.”-he said with a grim face. Liza apologized, “I’m really sorry. Actually... I...”. “Ssshhh..”- Caesar just whispered. “It’s okay, I get it.” Liza introduced herself and they walked through a distance. As it got darker, the more anxious and distressed seemed Caesar. “Anything wrong?”- asked Liza. “No.. Nothing at all.”- said Caesar, in an unconvincing tone. Liza understood something is amiss. She wondered whether was it right of her to trust an unknown guy. She may have hastened into doing so. Lost in deep thought, Liza stumbled and was about to fall as Caesar catches her. “Be careful. This forest is filled with stack of woods, stones and many heaps. You may hurt yourself.”-he said. “You seem to know this forest so well.”-said Liza surprisingly. Caesar nodded. “Yes, kind of. It’s like home for me. I spend most of my time over here. I was meant to save...”, he suddenly stopped.
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“Save what?”- asked Liza curiously. “Nothing that concerns you. I’m just walking by your side to lead you through the exit. Once you leave, don’t turn to look behind.”- he said sternly with a cracking voice. “Why are you sounding so serious, Caesar? You think I want to stay in this forest? It’s daunting.”-she taunted back, faintly wondering why is this guy so bizarre. Caesar looks pensive all the way, just willing to lead Liza out. Liza suddenly started feeling uneasy. She was fretting with fear, when Caesar looked at her, and caressed her head. “Don’t worry! I will lead you out. But promise me you will never look back, neither at me, nor this forest ever again in life. You won’t ever mention about me, even mistakenly to anybody.”- said an exasperated Caesar with an utter willingness to make Liza feel safe. Liza looks at him, all perplexed. “Why? What’s there in this forest? A hidden treasure, about which no one needs to get a clue about? I anyway only want to go home.”
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Soon they reached the other side of the forest. Caesar took her out safely, looking into her eyes, and said, “Thank you, Liza. I don’t know why I’m thanking you but this ride was smooth. It felt nice meeting someone after...”- he paused for a while and continued, “We might never meet again, but it was nice.” Liza felt some slight tremors and suddenly she felt as if she’s leaving a piece of her heart here in the forest. “Bye Liza!”-said Caesar. He left Liza outside and disappeared into the opaque woods. Liza suddenly turned and to her surprise she found Caesar, transformed into a vampire, fighting a monster who had taken over the forest. Liza was shocked to the core, as she realized that all this while she was with a vampire. She was feeling dizzy, it all seemed like a nightmare. The monster took over the battle.
Caesar was giving up this bloodcurdling fight. He saw Liza witnessing the fight, with tears in his eyes. Stupefyingly, a beam of light took away Caesar and the monster. Where did they go? What happened to Caesar?
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