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Trademark In Pakistan

About The Trademark In Pakistan

What is a Trademark in Pakistan?

Why do brands that are trademark in Pakistan seem so invincible? How are they distinct in identity and separate from the rest ? How this uniqueness makes them more credible and popular amongst their consumers? This blog post briefly introduces you to what the trademark is and states its significance.

Intellectual properties are of multiple types and trademark is among them. A trademark in Pakistan protects your brand from any attempt of infringement and lawsuits.Trademark in Pakistan can either be a design, word or combination of both through which your asset, brand, a business or its products are recognized by. Once trademark registration in Pakistan of your asset takes place, it becomes your rightful property which can not be used by someone else by any means without your permission and upon duplication or infringement, the culprit will be prone to legal action as a result and have to pay millions for the violation.

Types of Trademark
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in Pakistan

There are various types of trademark in Pakistan which can mainly be characterized into three types:

● Word Mark
● Design Mark
● Word + Design Mark

Word Mark:
This is a type of trademark in Pakistan which protects the phrases, words or captions you intend on making it your private property specific to your brand.After trademark registration in Pakistan, anyone who illegally uses your content will be prone to face legal consequences.

Your favorite morning newspaper “The New York Times” is an example.
Design Mark:
Adidas’s signature three stripes , Apple’s logo symbolizing lust and knowledge or Ferrari’s black prancing horse on a yellow background fall amongst design marks. This type of trademark registration in Pakistan protects your signature design from piracy and duplication and gives you it’s legal rights which can not be used by anyone without your permission
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