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Book written by h3lp

A Good Old-Fashioned Mystery

A barista and a detective race to solve a murder

Macey was probably tired on the night that it happened. It was so long ago anyway. She was at the dancing hall with her parents. Why her mother and father decided to bring an 8-year-old girl to a place where couples danced in old-fashioned clothes, she didn’t know. She was bored, very bored. She didn’t notice there was anything wrong until after everyone was panicking.
Macey watched as a man picked up her grandmother’s hand, “Dead.” No one said anything. Not when her mother picked her up and brought her home. Not even when her parents tucked her in. You don’t talk to kids about things like that. Macey thought that she would never have to think about her grandmother’s death in that dancing hall again.
She was wrong.
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