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One Old story

It's christmas ,ut there is a problem.

One old story
Once upon a time, there was a small family in a small town celebrating Christmas. “Wake up, wake up” said the youngest daughter, “It’s christmas, hurry hurry!!”. While mom starts rushing down the stairs you can hear her say “Okay okay honey, I’m coming I’m coming!”. Once they all reached the living room mom exclaimed “LOOK! Santa ate all of the cookies, he must’ve been really hungry!” While everyone in the house was still so excited about it being christmas the youngest daughter looked under the tree and noticed something strange, “Hey…. where are all of our gifts?”. Mom turns around and is confused as to where all of the presents were, “Did you hide them anywhere honey?”. As everyone scurries around in search of their presents the little boy notices there’s a trail of spiders leading from the back door. “What the heck? Mom! Come over here.” As mom works her way over to the little boy she notices all the spiders and starts to freak out saying “We need to kill them all! Get
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them all out of the house! AHHHHHH”. Conflicted and unable to get all of the spiders out the mom decided that it’d be best if we all went back to bed. Christmas will still be here once we wake back up. A couple hours have passed, mom woke up before her kids to go downstairs and check if 1. All the spiders were gone and 2. See if the presents are back under the tree. As she walks down the stairs, she’s struck with one of the most nerve wracking things she’s ever seen in her life.

Based off of a dream
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