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Book written by Natalia Zagrebina-Wirtz

When the rival is silent

When the rival is silent

Author Natalia Zagrebina-Wirtz
translated by Igor Step
This was the second time that day, or rather, for the period from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon. Just think! Meeting in elevator with a beautiful stranger with her head arrogant raised. She did not even stir once and make a single sound during those 10 seconds while elevator went down! For the first time, in the morning, Lauren only shot a glance at her. But right now, having entered the elevator during lunch time, she managed, in the corner of her eye, to get a good look at her and noted to herself that she was unusually handsome. The stranger had luxurious brown hair with a golden shine of tight curls hanging like heavy avalanche down her shoulders and slightly covered her face. She had a chiseled nose, smooth alabaster skin and graceful hands.
Through the glass door of the cab, the girders of the
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floors were seen going upstairs: eleventh, tenth, ninth … Lauren was assailed by a longing, the reason for which she could not explain to herself. Finally, the elevator descended to the first floor and she hurried out of it. She had a lot going on tonight, and above all, a meeting with a girlfriend in a cafe. On the way, Lauren involuntarily returned to the thoughts of the stranger, contemplating all neighbours, their relatives and guests whom she had ever met in the house, trying to find an image of this beauty in memory lane. But all attempts were unsuccessful! She definitely saw her for the first time.
What to say, Lauren had causes for concern that came to her from time to time - for more than two years she was in a relationship with the popular director Nikitin, and he still did not make her a wedding proposal! The situation was complicated by the fact that he was insanely popular with women, and they curled around him like moths in the park in the evening by a brightly burning
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lantern. Once, without warning, Lauren went into Nikitin's office, and saw his secretary, a young, long-legged girl, offering him coffee while sitting down on the edge of the table and bending seductively in her back. Lauren, succumbing to the emotions, instantly flew up to her, grabbed her by the thin girl's hand, pulled her off the table and ordered her out! Later, Lauren, of course, felt ashamed of the emotions that engulfed her and her own behaviour, but this did not change the situation in any way. All Nikitin did was a laugh. He assured Lauren that he loved only her and that she was clearly overreacting and spoiled herself and others.
There was another very important and unpleasant event happened this Saturday morning. Namely, right before waking up, Lauren dreamed of a snake. She did not remember the details, but her consciousness retained only a horrible feeling of dread that gripped her at that moment. And even though the morning was sunny, she had a very clear memory of the
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dream. It had left her with a very unpleasant after-taste.
At 4.30 pm, Lauren had a meeting in a cafe with her friend, Marianne. They talked merrily for two hours and by the way, Lauren told her about all these unsettling events in the morning. Marianne was sure that the dream is undeniable proof of Lauren's rival. "And this stranger in the elevator, maybe this is she, the same snake?" - Asked the girlfriend, and in her intonation sounded a statement. After listening to her, Lauren was completely upset.
In the evening, she decided to somehow cheer herself up and chill by going shopping. At nine in the evening, she was already standing in the foyer and called the elevator. When its doors opened smoothly and quietly, Lauren could not believe her eyes - inside she saw a beautiful stranger again!
“Wow! What's just happening?!" Lauren thought indignantly privately. Turning unsuccessfully, she accidentally hit her fellow traveler, but the stranger only pulled away silently. Lauren apologized:
“Excuse me!” she said
But the stranger haughtily kept silent, remaining standing still with her head held high. Two
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