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Chapter 1

An Incredible Love Story!! Well, at least for me

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She was sitting in the examination hall, writing some of her last sub questions.. which held a whopping 8 marks, the marks allotted were in dark black in color and she felt as if she was being laughed at. The literature paper was never this tough for her, which astounded her as to what was being left behind which added the difficulty to the paper, her wrist watch was ticking in all it's might as if it was quite happy that she was struggling with coping up with it. She frequently looked down to her wrist watch, she was in the last question writing as swiftly as a deer which was being preyed, her wrist was hurting but the pain didn't let her stop instead it added up to her anxiety and she knew herself that if she doesn't finishes this answer before the bell rings she would break down in all the probability, beads of sweat were tricking down her now twitched forehead and she could feel her heart beat palpitating and she knew that her breathe was not even compared to when she started writing
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her paper.She kept writing until the last full stop she gave to the last question of the literature paper and with that the bell rung.

She sighed in relief and cracked her knuckles to part away with stress, that invigilator came up to her with long steps as if he had a train to catch up with.. he went up to her took her answer sheet and started analyzing if she had attempted all the question's as the analysis progressed there was a gradual change in his facial expression because..... I don't know why??? he tilted his head towards her and twitched his eyebrows in confusion as to what was this well, there was nothing for him to take care about so he, just shrugged his shoulders and with long strides left the examination hall.

She got up from the firm and rough chair and mended her way out of the hall, she felt a little bit creeped out and that's when we all know

She is having the moment of her life!!!!
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