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You'll Always Have Me

Heart-stopping News (Part 1)


Author's Note:
1-2 Chapters will be published every week around Tuesday and Thursday (depending on my schedule). Please comment and like. This is the first story I've ever written and I expect it to have 15 - 25 chapters.

“Walk faster, you’re almost there... Just a little bit more,” I whispered to myself as I picked up the pace; I’m shaking uncontrollably. I quickly make my way up the porch as I dig through my bag to find my house keys, but struggle to do so since the freezing wind is causing my hands to shake. As soon as I get ahold of my keys, I drop them. ” Ugh, damn it!” I let out a frustrated sigh, picked it up, and opened the door. I’m finally in the comfort of my own, warm home. My teeth are chattering and my hands are still freezing. The heater is often turned on during this time of the year – that is something I’m thankful for every time I get home; hopefully, my body adjusts
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“Grandma, I’m home! I bought us dinner... Although, we might have to heat it since it’s cold.” I called out to her as I removed my shoes, scarf, and coat. No response. “She must’ve not heard me,” I mumbled. I softly knock on her door a couple of times, yet, no response. I opened her bedroom door, quietly peeked, and found grandma asleep, lying down on her side with her back facing me. “Oh, grandma... Always sleeping,” I chuckled, “I bought our favorite foo-o-o-od!” I said with a tune. I walked in carrying the bag containing our dinner while singing the song she used to sing to me and my little brother when we were younger. “Food is ready. Darling, let’s eat! You better hurry or you’ll get your ass beat.” I was so excited; I probably danced a bit, but I stopped smiling. It seemed like something was wrong, I simply don’t know what it was. I tapped her shoulder and shook her a bit.

“Grandma?” I shook her a bit more, but she wasn’t waking up. My heart started beating rapidly, a thought
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that came into my mind that made me gasp. “Could she have d-” I shook my head “No, she can’t be, she’s not that old... But I have to check.” I took a deep breath, collected myself, and reached towards her seemingly lifeless body, to check for a pulse. She had none. I cradled her in my arms as my eyes started to water - I couldn’t do much for her in this situation and I, a 16-year-old, didn’t know what to do. I pulled out my phone from my pocket to call for help. As I waited for help to arrive, I only closed my eyes, hugged her, and I sobbed.

A few minutes passed, the paramedics arrived and I managed to stop crying. “Rest easy, grandma. Thank you for everything.” I wiped my tears, kissed her on the forehead, and let the paramedics do their job. I reached for my phone again and called a number I did not expect myself to be calling anytime soon. It took 2 missed calls and a few rings before my call was answered.
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