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Silent Wolf

A girl with a gun

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Description: This book is about a girl who was trained from an early age to hate the government. Now as the country she lives in is under attack she has no choice in helping.

Part 1
I wake up to the voices of men. I can't remember where I am at or how I got here. I groan when I sit up; piercing pain shoots through my head. Great, I think, I am hungover.
"Hey, princess, what are you doing here all alone in the capital city?"
I look at the building that is playing music. fuck! How did I get here?
"Hey, Princess you heard about the President's murder?"
My head snaps up at that. "The President is dead?" I whisper.
"Yep! I guess murder was on someone's agenda." A man about thirty-six walks up. Wearing a U.S Military uniform, and a general patch marks him as an important person.
"Murder is not on anyone's agenda!" A solder says laughing.
"No," I say all heads turn toward me. "It's on mine but not till Thursday. Also, I am way too sober for this conversation, so if you excuse me I am going
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to get a drink." I walk over to the door and hand my fake I.D to the man guarding the doors. "You don't look old enough to drink?" "I don't?" I cock my head leaning toward the man, "You sure about that?"
The man got my clue from my voice and handed back my I.D. "Have fun, ma'am."
I stroll into the crowded bar and get stares from several people. What the fuck are you looking at? I glare back at the people. I hop up on a stool at the bar. "What would you like to drink?"
"Anything strong." My voice coming out more offensive than I meant it to.
"Right away ma'am." The bartender turns away to get my drink.
I take a look around the club, dark blue tables spot around the main floor. Young couples dance and jack around on the dance floor. Older couples are sitting at the bar or at the tables talking loudly to hear each other. A loud bar full of loud people oblivious to the dangers of the real world.
"Here is your drink."
I take one glance at my drink before chugging half of it.
"Wow, you
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like your alcohol?"
"Who doesn't?" I turn and smile. The man who spoke was younger than he sounds but older than me and taller. "People who can't hold their alcohol?" He says slowly.
"Agreed. If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?" I smile. Usually, I don't talk to random people but this guy...this guy is something else.
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