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B where the light goes

an alien warrior from another world

On a Distant Planet, a very peculiar one as a matter of fact , well developed with rock formations, a sky with beautiful colors , strange man eating plants , strange trees and even some parts of the land appeared to be floating in midair, it was a glorious sight to see. There exist beings of a different kind they are called scipiterods, four armed beings, above all they possess extraordinary abilities that rivals humans and human technology. On another fulfilling Day, meanwhile everyone goes about their daily routines. a small, timid child by the name of B was out playing by himself because he likes to explore his home planet from time to time but mainly because no one would play with him because he was born with two arms he was an irregular , in a sense he was different and he has been shunned for this particular reason for most of his life. his mother Upheere and his father Niuro have always been busy at times, even times when their support was needed the most, but he knew deep down inside
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, they cared for him, nevertheless B have always felt that he wasn't really alone , he felt that there was someone ,somewhere out there who was just like him. Moreover, as he was walking , he felt this strange feeling , a feeling he knew all too well, a feeling that turns his dreams into nightmares ,fear. just then a gush of wind blew pushing him back as he struggles to keep from falling over, with a very scared and concerned look on his face, he stares as the dark slowly seeps in and covers him . he slowly looks up and in every corner , there were black mechanical-looking machines , it was as if Darkness covered the Sky. he was so scared that he hid himself behind a rock , breathing heavily as he watches as one of the machines landed nearby, the entrance gate opens and out came a sinister looking being dressed in black armor and behind him were his followers , they were all dressed in black armor and carried weapons B has never seen before. as they walk down the Gateway, he says " hmm..this
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planet reeks of weaklings , i could smell this foul stench from miles", with a rather unpleasant smile on his face . just then one of his followers laughs and says "yeah it seems we found ourselves a new home". another follower says " shut it pyrus" , pyrus turns around and says " Erk if you don't value your life feel free to interfere.. better yet why don't you join forces with these weaklings you belong with them anyway. the one in front turns around and says " search everywhere and kill whoever that tries to fight back or tries to escape , no exceptions!", with a cold, serious look on his face.

At this moment , B was sure that they didn't come in peace . just then Erk says "'t there any other way we could go about this mission...i'm sure there are children on this planet as well".the commander glared at him and said " are you defying orders?" with a serious look on his face while Erk stood there staring at him in fear and said " exceptions' ', the commander
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then says "thats right exceptions!". At this moment , B realizes that he needs to get away as quickly as possible , he slowly backs away from the rock he was hiding behind but accidentally stepped on something . the commander turned around with a very sinister smile on his face and said " you're a sneaky one aren't you?". he started walking towards the rock and B ran as fast he could , while the commander laughed and said "you have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide , i'll find you". at this point B didn't know if it was already too late to warn his parents and everyone else but he just kept running , there was no turning back. when he arrives , all out of breath and trembling in fear, he sees' a great deal of bodies lying on the ground , some were bleeding out and crying in agony screaming " why...why is this happening ... why are they doing this!" while others were still fighting .

as he walks through all the madness and chaos , one of the invaders se
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