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Perceptual Zero

A scar can never open, and some wounds never heal.

"Do you still look at it?" The Therapist quietly asks the young adult man in front of him.

"Look at what?" He mutters, his body leaning down in an exhausted slouch.

"The scar." The Therapist says softly, not trying to pressure him.

"The scar?" The boy questions, raising his head to reveal the stitches lining down from his forehead, to the right of his nose, all the way down to his collar bone.

"What scar? It's gone isn't it?" He coo's, the skin there tinted a different color from the skin grafting procedure that had taken place.

"Yes. I suppose it is.." The Therapist smiles, only the slightest bit nervous.
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"So... Samuel, how have you been feeling? It's been 10 weeks since the surgery." The Therapist asks quietly, since the boy was working under him to help the people in the psych ward he was assigned to.

"I'm okay... I guess, I've been taking the medication." He says serenely, his right hand moving up to let his fingertips gently brush against the stitches on his face.

"I see, that's good. Any signs? Of change? Are you forgetting certain parts of time that should be significant to you?" The Therapist questions, as Samuel gives a more loose, exhausted smile.

"Yeah...I still get those... I.." His mouth seemed to pause. As a frown took place on his features. "I still get these spouts, doctor." Samuel seems to say in a more chilling voice.

A dark tension formed in the room, as the Therapist gives a slow, awkward smile.
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"Zero...How are you?" The Therapist says carefully, and Samuel, who seems different, cocks his head to the side.

"I'm fine, thanks doctor. He's fine too. The medication really bothers me though." Zero smiles, a crooked, warning of a smile as the Therapist nods.

"I see...Well, he's supposed to take it, I hope you're not stopping him? Are you?" The Therapist questions, and 'Zero' shakes his head.

"No of course not? Why would I stop him from something he needs..?" Zero says in a bitter-sweet voice, his smile turning into a malicious smirk.

"Okay.." The Therapist nods. Clearing his throat. "Can you...Let Samuel come back please?" He smiles politely, and Zero gives him an offended look.

"Unless that's an issu-"

"It's not a switch doctor." Zero curtly interrupts.

"It's not my decision when I appear, it's his own choice, not mine." Zero says,

"But sometimes, there's a small crack in his defenses, and I get to crawl my way out sometimes." Zero chides, and looks at his hands.
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"So, you see, no, I cannot bring him back to you unless he gets out, or, I want him to." Zero murmurs, twiddling his thumbs, hiding the crack of a genuine smile on his face.

"So, can he get out?" The Therapist questions, interested in what Zero had to say to this.

"Not right now, no." Zero hums, looking up, his crimson eye swirling with an eerie layer of spite, and what the Therapist feared was hatred.

"He's too much of a coward really to even try to go against me, so don't expect him any time soon." Zero seems to smile. His eyes dark with an appeal of blood-thirst.

"I-I see." The Therapist gives a worried smile as he looks down at his notes.

"Have you been feeling any anger lately, Zero?" The Therapist decided to continue his questions. Glancing up momentarily to see Zero pacing the room, with slow, even strides.

"No, Doctor. I haven't." Zero smiles, and looked over, his only left eye instead of being filled with that spite seconds before, was filled with an amusing, gleeful stare, as if mocking the Therapist.

"Good...Well, what have you been feeling?" The doctor looks down to his notes, ignoring the shuffling through the room as he scribbles something down.

"I've been feeling very...Calm." Zero says quietly, his steps began to sound louder, and louder.

"How so?" The Therapist questions. tapping the pencil on the paper, still refusing to look up.

"I've been feeling very calm, Doctor, because I'll be able to be rid of you." And with just that, a pain, a twisted pain was felt in the doctors abdomen.."Goodbye, Mr. Lacey..."
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