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Masks hide either the purity or monstrosity


“Aren’t you tired?”
“No. Why would I be?”
“I don’t mean tired, like sleepy tired, I meant aren’t you fed up?
“Fed up of what?”
“This life, this feeling, this misunderstanding. The way people look at you through the corner of their eye, and how they whisper behind your back?”
“It's our life.”
“What if we could change it?”
“Then we would change it.”
The day was cloudy and cold. The sky was a dull gray, expertly showing how their day to day was every moment of their life. They sat on the hill, the smell of rain was prominent.
“What if we could leave?” His voice was deep and silky, soft as velvet. His hands grabbed the grass on the ground, it was yellow and was clearly dead, he pulled it up and out of the soil. The cold air made it well known that it was indeed getting close to the Winter. He gently released his hold of the grass watching it fall out of his hand and into the sky, being carried by the wind.
“Then we would leave.” His partner whispered, her black hair flowing
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freely around her shoulders. Her eyes moved towards her partner’s face, his features seemed to be tormented. They were dark, his brows were furrowed, his eyes were staring just past her- perhaps to a future they had lost time ago. She gave him a meek smile. Her hand reached out and laid on his sleeve. It was rough- rather unlike the skin underneath.
“What if I found a way?” His voice got as soft as his partners. His eyes finally softened and focused on his partner. His eyes were always so strange. So very beautiful. They were green, with a yellow ring inside. They were neon, bright but they always were- unless he was angry or thinking they were black. He couldn’t help but smile towards her. Her appearance was outstanding. Her pale, porcelain skin looked soft to the touch. Her face- one of which he knew to be beautiful, was hidden behind a mask, one of her more revealing ones. Just a black, dazzling mask covering the middle of her face. Her eyes staring right at him, soft and kind. They
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were perhaps just as strange as his, maybe a little more strange. On the left was a green eye, beautiful and strange, with brown intertwined in the green. Her right though, was a blue, a light white creating a silver ring by her pupil.
“What are you trying to tell me? My darling,” She asked, reaching forward and touching his face. Her thumb gently caressing his cheek. “Quit asking me these foolish questions. They only confuse me.”
“I found a way.” He said again, his head leaning into her hand. Her eyes teared up, his smile was bright too.
“I’m pregnant.” She whispered.
When you lose something, especially when it's something special, you start to wish that you never knew that person or had that thing. And you especially feel that special yearning when you’re laying in bed, staring at the ceiling. When you lose a person, all you can think about are the stupid little things. The things that make you miss them more than what would be considered normal. You remember how they always had
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a soft voice. You remember how their hair moved in the wind. You remember the feeling of their arm. You remember so much- but when you go and attempt to remember it, it's never there.
But there's only one, single way to get over it. Move on. So when I lost him, and the baby. I moved. Moved again. And then again.
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